Minutes of April 15, 2011 Meeting

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Minutes of April 15, 2011 Meeting

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
April 15, 2011

Betsy Youngsma
David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Chris Menn

9:00 AM meeting called to order

Betsy welcomed new Historic Commission member Chris Menn. Chris is a lifelong resident of Douglas and has recently graduated with a history degree.

David gave updates to the downtown historic district project. David will reach out to Shirley Mosczynski to gain information on the foundations of the buildings proposed for the historic district, as she has from an earlier project.

We need to schedule a three- to four-hour working session to go through all of the B forms that we have. Foundation information, maps, and photos need to be added to the approximately 265 buildings in the district. We need to determine if Sue Perkins has all of the forms completed (less foundation, maps, and photos) or if she needs to add more.

Betsy recently received a letter (that was written back in December) from a man who has photos that may be of interest. He has approximately 15 5”x7” photos from the 1946 era of people and places in Douglas. David will forward the letter to the Historical Society, as it seems to be of more relevant interest for that group and the planned archives in the back. The Coppola Collection was also discussed. Betsy suggested that it “live” in a more prominent place such as the library where more residents would have access to the catalog rather than the Historical Society, which has limited hours of operation.

Quaker Friends Cemetery on land purchased by Elin Johnson at Pine & Vine streets is going to be looked at by an archeologist. David will keep in touch with Elin to make sure it progresses.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45AM

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