Minutes of the Nov 7 2013 Meeting

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Minutes of the Nov 7 2013 Meeting

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
November 7, 2013

David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Susan Perkins
Debby Heinz

9:08 AM meeting called to order

Debby Heinz attended the Board of Selectmen meeting on Nov 6 and was officially appointed as a member of the Historic Commission.

The downtown historic district will be the focus of efforts by the members for the coming months in order to spend our $4900 budget allotment in Q1. We planned to employ an MHC (Massachusetts Historical Commission) consultant to review our proposed historic district. Gina Betti of WPI is a grant writer and also considered as a possibility to consult with us.

Sue will first fill out B form from Belding book, then email to Dawn for maps. Dawn will send to Debby to add photos and then to David for narrative and other written information. Sue will keep the final copies.

We received a letter from a homeowner in Richmond, MA who has asked about 185h century homes in the area that may be set for demolition. This individual is interested in salvaging certain materials for his rehab project. David will share the letter with John Petraglia.

Discussion continued on the plans for the old elementary school building. There was talk of a potential buyer but it apparently was not secured. A few possibilities were discussed as far as effectives uses for the building. David offered to call Dennis Rice at Alternatives about a possible facility for this organization – especially given that state funding can often support these non-profit uses.

Debby suggested arranging a liaison between the Historic Commission and the Cemetery Commission and it was agreed by all to be a good idea.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:50AM

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