Minutes of Jan 6 2014 meeting

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Minutes of Jan 6 2014 meeting

Postby DawnF » Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:35 pm

David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Sean Aldrich
Debby Heinz

9:05 AM meeting called to order

The downtown historic district continues to be the focus of efforts by the members. “B Forms” have been progressing from Sue to Dawn to Debby to David for completion. There are only a handful of streets left and Sue reported that she expects to have them in the next few weeks.

Technical problems have been alleviated in order for David to be able to open the form the produce a final copy. He will hold the final forms since he has the last information to add. Hopefully in the March/April timeframe the submission can be done. Also need to look at non-contributing properties to make sure we haven’t missed any that need to be done. Decided that if we have less than 50% on a street or stretch of road, that we will cut off that portion.

The budget allotment of $4900 has been carried over for another quarter. We expect to spend that on a consultant to finalize the Historic District submission in the next few months.

After that, the Masonic Hall, old elementary school and fire station may be targeted as historic buildings in town in need of restoration. Grants can be looked at applying for in order to preserve these buildings.

The MHC Annual Preservation Awards have a deadline of Jan 14 and while we don’t have a submission for this year, we should look at it in a future year.

Debby suggested arranging a liaison between the Historic Commission and the Cemetery Commission and it was agreed by all to be a good idea.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30AM

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