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CTO: 7:12 pm
PRESENT: Commissioners Shirley Cooney, Debby Heinz and Laurie Church
MINUTES: 7/17/15 minutes are reviewed. Debby motions to approve; Laurie seconds, motion is so moved.
NOTICE: Debby passes around copies of the notice that she has prepared. Shirley says that she is always cautious with this kind of endeavor. She feels that this should be reviewed carefully. That people who have previously bid on the job to mow have said no because the DCC was too dangerous due to the landscape. PG & SS are ok. Shirley feels that that the commissioners should do a walk through before anything is done. Agreed by the commissioners.
AMENDED CEMETERY RULES: Commissioners review rules as amended. Several things have been omitted and combined. Debby will make changes and resubmit at September meeting.
GREEN BURIALS: After much research, it is discovered that it is quite an expense prior to even applying to be certified as a green cemetery. An expense that can’t be afforded in our budget. It is decided by the commission that while we will pass on the idea of having them available here in Douglas, we keep the information on hand for anyone who might be interested in them.
BURIAL VAULTS: It is explained that while there is no state law that a burial vault be used, the purpose of using them is to keep the coffin from shifting in cases of flooding and other things of that nature and, years ago, the graves were hand dug, so it was not necessary to have one. Now adays a backhoe is used to dig the graves and the weight of the backhoe will cause sink holes in the ground.
LETTER TO A&B: Shirley is not happy about the letter. She wants to write a letter to Jean disagreeing with the letter to A&B explaining that we cannot dictate when they work.
FINANCIAL: We received quarterly report from Greater Worcester Foundation.
Commissioners signed voucher for 8/7/15 mowing.
NEXT MEETING: 9/8/15 @ 7:00 pm
ADJOURNMENT: 8:15 Debby motions to adjourn; Laurie seconds, so moved.
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