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Meeting is called to order at 7:00 pm
Quorum is present
Present: Shirley Cooney, Debby Heinz and Laurie Church, Cemetery Commissioners
Guests: Brenda & Melissa of Grave Stone Girls; Jared and Karisa Allen, Oxford students, to observe.
Douglas Center Cemetery Crypt: Commissioner Laurie Church had spoken with Birgit at the Worcester Art Museum regarding the preservation of artwork on the inside of the crypt. After careful review of pictures, Birgit decided that they were not able to help us. The Commission invited the Gravestone Girls to attend tonight’s meeting. Brenda of GG, has given the following advice:
*Due algae or green/black mold and water damage we need to look into re-securing the tomb.
*Have an analysis of wall material & paints to determine how to treat them.
Brenda knows someone in both New Orleans and Connecticut that can help with the definition of pictures and such on the walls. When a conservator is found and they have re-assessed the tomb, then the Commission can prioritize what and when things need to be done. She also suggests that the doors and hinge work could give us and idea of the age of the tomb. She also suggests that we look into the State Historic Commission for possible grants to help us with this project.
The Commission thanks the Gravestone Girls for attending our meeting and will contact them when they are ready to go to the next step.
Minutes: Minutes of the 2/23/16 meeting are read. Laurie makes a motion to accept minutes as written; Debby seconds. Motion is so moved.
South Street Cemetery: Debby discusses with the Commission the work that she has done as far as verifying information, cleaning stones, taking pictures of and listing broken stones. Asks that a special thanks be extended to Jessica Martus for all her help.
Brown House Screen House: Debby explains that after her and fellow Commissioner, Laurie completed their walk about of DCC, they went over to explore by the Brown House. They decided that the screen house would make an excellent to protect the broken/misplaced stones from the elements. She suggests that a memo be sent to the selectmen asking for permission. All agree that it is a good idea. Debby will send the memo.
Other: Debby informs Commissioners that the Website has been updated with amended rules and regulations. Debby informs Commissioners that she has, on behalf of the Commission, joined Association for Gravestone Studies.
Town of Rowley: Debby reads explains that an email from Town of Rowley regarding our Commission. She distributes a copy of the questions asked and the answers that were given.
Allison Pierce E-mail: Looking for information on a Lydia and Sarah Fuller. Debby looked through binder for DCC and no information was found. These women were buried before ledger was kept. Debby sent an email to Ms. Pierce explaining that she should check out the website for Find A Grave as they often have more information.
A&B: Letter received explaining that they will hold the same prices for mowing as last year.
Finance: None at this time

Next Meeting: 5/24/2016

Debby makes motion to adjourn at 8:00 pm; Laurie seconds. Motion is so moved.
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