Minutes of June 10, 2016 Historic Commission Meeting

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Minutes of June 10, 2016 Historic Commission Meeting

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
June 10, 2016

Committee Members Attending:
David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Sean Aldrich
Sue Perkins

9:00AM meeting called to order

The group reviewed and accepted minutes of the November 19, 2015 meeting.

David provided CD to Dawn with the remainder of the B form files to complete the historic district.

Dawn and Sue to review the entire list of properties and complete small items that may be missing. Discussed which properties are within the district and that David had sent list a couple years ago although Franklin St and Wixtead Court have been eliminated for the most part.

David to contact the MHC to see about steps, format, etc. needed to submit this historic district.

David read letter received regarding resurfacing of Route 16, which does not affect our historic district or any historic properties.

David also read letter received from MHC (Massachusetts Historical Commission) on a resource program kicking off June 15, 2016 and going until Aug 15 to nominate threatened buildings. Discussed Masonic Hall, old fire station, library, and elementary school as possible properties to nominate.

Discussed Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor moving from Woonsocket to the Linwood Mill in Whitinsville. Open house is Thurs June 16 from 4 to 7 pm.

David provided info on Plaque program. Once the historic district is approved perhaps a group of plaques could be submitted for both homes and commercial properties.


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