October 5, 2016 ZBA meeting

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October 5, 2016 ZBA meeting

Postby Mary Wright » Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:17 pm


A meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) was held on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Mr. Heney called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM in the Community Meeting Room.

PRESENT: Daniel Heney (Chairman), Pamela Holmes (Vice Chairman), John Bombara, Leonard Demers, Sean Holland, Louis Tusino (Alternate-arrived 7:11 PM), Maria Lajoie (Administrative Secretary)
ABSENT: Michael Fitzpatrick (Excused)

Atty. Rob Knapik joined the meeting. He stated that the applicants’ engineer has looked into relocating the pump and septic system so that the largest variance for a setback could be eliminated. He presented a letter from Guerriere and Halnon which states that it would not be feasible to move the septic system and its components because of Title 5 constraints, retaining walls and ledge. Atty. Knapik presented a revised architectural plan that does not require any side setback variances. The house and garage comply with the 25’ side setback requirements. The only variance needed now is a variance for the front setback.
Mr. Bombara has visited the site since the last meeting. He found it would not be possible to move the septic tank due to the large amount of ledge. Mr. Rawlings stated that they removed a stairway to the area that would have been office space above the garage in order to comply with a side setback.
Susan Warren, owner of the private road, was also present at the meeting. She was in favor of the applicants’ plan.
Mr. Bombara made a motion to close the public hearing, ZBA Case #2016-12 for Kenneth and Amy Rawlings. Mr. Demers seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.
The applicant has modified their request for multiple variances to a single variance. Mr. Rawlings stated that there is an existing, nonconforming deck lakeside within 25’.
Mr. Heney has spoken with Larry Lench, the new Building Commissioner, who feels that the ZBA needs to be responsible for setbacks. What is built within the setbacks falls under the Building Commissioner’s jurisdiction. Mr. Lench joined the meeting to explain his position.
Mr. Demers made a motion to approve the special permit for ZBA Case #2016-12 for Kenneth and Amy Rawlings due to increasing the footprint, as well as grant a variance as the applicant has modified the original request for five variances to one per drawing W-2433 dated August 10, 2016 and the plan presented this evening with a relatively new septic system on site. The entire building shall comply with setbacks, with the exception of the front setback, which will be approximately 21’5”. Mr. Bombara seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.

1. G-Force Enterprises, Inc. (David & Suzanne Gagnon), Potter Road: Draft Decision. Mr. Heney made a motion to approve the special permit for ZBA Case #2016-11, G- Force Enterprises, Inc., 13 Potter Road based on the following basic findings: the lot is similar to a reduced frontage lot, the applicants have made extensive improvements to the lot, the street has low traffic, the best use for the property is for a single family residence, and two abutters and Ernest Marks of the Highway Dept. were present at the meeting and spoke in favor of the variance. As a condition, the building must meet sideline and rear setbacks. Mr. Bombara seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.
2. MINUTES: September 7, 2016.
Mr. Holland made a motion to approve the September 7, 2016 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting minutes as amended. Ms. Holmes seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.
3. Citizen Planner Training Collaborative: Fall 2016 Workshops.

Mr. Holland made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:46 PM. Mr. Demers seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.

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