January 9, 2017 Conservation Commission meeting

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January 9, 2017 Conservation Commission meeting

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A meeting of the Conservation Commission was held on Monday, January 9, 2017. Ms. Brown called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

PRESENT: Linda Brown (Chairman), Michael Greco, Tracy Sharkey (Vice Chairman), Brandi Van Roo, Stephen Zisk (Conservation Agent)

7:00 PM (NOI-DEP #143-0906) PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED: 439 Northeast Main Street, 34 & 36 Davis Street/JMT SLEEPY HOLLOW, LLC & FITZPATRICK, JAMES.
Bruce Williams of Guerriere and Halnon joined the meeting. He stated that they are going through the review procedure with the Planning Board. During that process, an issue arose as to the location of a perennial stream abutting the property. Initially, the stream was compiled from the Mass GIS website. Abutters have not given permission to go onto the property to delineate the stream. The Douglas GIS information conflicts with the Mass GIS.
Mr. Zisk had requested information on how the delineation was going to comply with the Wetlands Protection Act. The Commission had requested feedback from EcoTech or the DEP about the proper procedure. The Conservation would like clarification on the method used for delineating the banks. A discussion was held.
The only work being planned in the riverfront area is a basin, which Mr. Williams said is exempt from riverfront authorization square footage. Mr. Zisk asked to be shown where that exemption is in the Wetlands Protection Act.
The Commission asked for a letter from EcoTech or DEP about how to delineate a riverfront when you are unable to access the property, or the applicant can use their boundary line.
Jeremy Flansburg, 63 Monroe Street presented a petition, a stream study and a report from the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. He said that if the catch basin is within the 200’ buffer zone, it may affect the canopy and may leak warm water into a cold water fishery.
Dennis Michalik, 415 Northeast Main Street knows the area well. The brook moves toward the applicant’s boundary line.
Ms. Sharkey made a motion to continue the public hearing, (NOI-DEP #143-0906) 439 Northeast Main Street, 34 & 36 Davis Street/JMT Sleepy Hollow, LLC & Fitzpatrick, James to February 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM. Ms. Van Roo seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

7:23 PM (NOI-DEP #143-0917) PUBLIC HEARING: 86-88 Gilboa Street / BOWIE, BARBARA.
Ms. Sharkey made a motion to continue the public hearing (NOI-DEP #143-0917) 86-88 Gilboa Street, Barbara Bowie to February 6, 2017 at 7:15 PM. Mr. Greco seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

7:30 PM (NOI-DEP #143-0918) PUBLIC HEARING: 71 Old Farm Road, SHEA/SCOTT.
Dave Marquedant of JD and Associates and Scott Shea joined the meeting. Mr. Marquedant presented updated drawings that now show a bulkhead, a porch on pillars, a shed, straw wattles around the well around the foundation drain to the road, a stockpile area outside the buffer, and a split rail fence from bulkhead to shed.
Ms. Van Roo made a motion to close the public hearing and issue an Order of Conditions for (NOI-DEP #143-0918) 71 Old Farm Road, Scott Shea. Ms. Sharkey seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

7:56 PM (NOI-DEP #143-0920) PUBLIC HEARING: 229, 187 & 175 Main Street, RILEY, ALLEN G. & HARE, ROBERT C & MARIBELLE.
Eric Bazzett of Heritage Design Group joined the meeting. Arthur Allen of EcoTech joined the meeting. Mr. Bazzett presented a plan for splitting the replication area between two areas. The bank has been flagged and detail has been added for the culvert crossing. The last two stream crossing footings were 4’ wide on both sides; they expect they will do the same on this crossing. Mr. Allen suggested adding a detailed reconstruction of the banks once the culvert is put in.
Mr. Bazzett is proposing a small relocation of the stream to get it flowing into the culvert. All the bank flags will be shown on the plan.
Mr. Zisk has issue with the side of the roadway sloping towards the stream. Mr. Bazzett replied that there is a retaining wall. They are working on some revisions to the plans.
They will need a separate crossing for the water line in the future. It will be a temporary disturbance. Mr. Zisk asked for protocols on how to handle construction of the crossings if construction does not occur during a dry period. Mr. Bazzett replied that they will limit construction of the crossing to dry times of the year. He anticipates four months to construct the larger crossing. The water and sewer lines, with a 10’-15’ separation, will be going over the culvert.
Ms. Brown stated that bonding for the crossings and replication areas needs to be posted before any work can begin, or the replication areas can be merged into one and a separation from the driveway maintained.
Mr. Bazzett proposed red maples, yellow birch, sweet pepper bush, high-bush blueberries, winterberry and New England wet mix for the replication area. The Commission will need to see a planting detail. Mr. Bazzett proposed using a temporary crossing to complete the replication area.
Ms. Sharkey made a motion to continue the public hearing (NOI-DEP #143-0920) 229, 187 & 175 Main Street, Allen G. Riley and Maribelle and Robert C. Hare to February 6, 2017 at 7:30 PM. Ms. Van Roo seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

8:19 PM (NOI-DEP #143-0921) PUBLIC HEARING: 22 Northwest Main Street, WARNER HOMES, LLC.
Ms. Brown opened the public hearing. Travis Brown of Andrews Survey and Engineering joined the meeting. He was asked to email a copy of the ad to Ms. Lajoie or Mr. Zisk. He presented the plans. The proposed erosion controls start at the street line and wrap around up to the 100’ buffer. They also have proposed erosion controls at the entrance for grading to be done on the septic. A stockpile needs to be shown on the map. The erosion control line is the limit of clearing. The well can be moved outside of the 50’.
An expired Order of Conditions, which was approved in 2009, needs to be closed out. No work was done on that Order.
The applicant needs to decide what objects will be placed at the 50’ to deter disturbance. The Commission suggested boulders.
Ms. Van Roo made a motion to continue the public hearing for (NOI-DEP#143-0921) 22 Northwest Main Street, Lot #3, Warner Homes, LLC to February 6, 2017 at 7:45 PM. Ms. Sharkey seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

1. Request for an Extension of Order of Conditions: NorthBrown, LLC, North Street (DEP #143-0782).
Ms. Sharkey made a motion to extend the Order of Conditions for North Brown, LLC, North Street (DEP #143-0782) for two years until 2019. Ms. Van Roo seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.
2. Request for Certificate of Compliance: Christopher & Concepcion Goodwin, 11 Manzi Way, Shady Knoll Estates, Lot #27 (DEP #143-0420). It was decided to wait on this until spring.
3. Sign Voucher.
4. Minutes: December 5, 2016.
Approval of the December 5, 2016 Conservation Commission meeting minutes was deferred to the next meeting.

Scott Tessier, 19 Cobblestone Lane joined the meeting. He presented revised plans that move his driveway. He is not planning to cut the large pine tree. The original plans were approved in November. Nothing else has changed. The Commission was in consensus that this is a minor change to the plans.
Ms. Sharkey made a motion to have a minor plan change considered for 19 Cobblestone Lane, and the 21” caliper pine shown on the plan shall be saved, the driveway will go to the west of said pine tree and shall be no wider than 20’ feet. Mr. Greco seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.
Ms. Brown went out to 208 Yew Street. She noticed that pipe had been installed. Water was running under the pipe and out the side underneath it. High groundwater was exposed in the replication area. There is now a stream. Karen Keegan of GBI joined the meeting. She checked the pipe today. It is at the elevation at which it was supposed to be placed. Ms. Brown stated that the entrance of the pipe is not imbedded, and there is no substrate in the pipe. Ms. Keegan presented her photos from today. Water is no longer going under the pipe.
Concrete is being poured over the pipe to the level of the concrete blocks. The middle will be filled with gravel. The area of the exposed high groundwater will be filled in as soon as they can get back out there. A discussion was held. The Commission asked that straw wattles be installed to stop the wash-out from the clearing that was done between the 100’ and the 50’ buffer zones. As the plan was written, erosion controls were not needed.
Ms. Van Roo made a motion to issue a violation with a $100 fine for work done at 208 Yew Street. Ms. Brown seconded the motion. Vote: Aye-2, No-1, Ms. Sharkey abstained.
It was the Consensus of the Commission to install straw wattles over to the 50’ buffer line.
Mr. Zisk stated that there will be a Public Safety Committee meeting Wednesday to talk about the stormwater runoff at 86-88 Gilboa Street.

Ms. Van Roo made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:37 PM. Ms. Sharkey seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

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