October 25, 2017 BFCC meeting

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October 25, 2017 BFCC meeting

Postby Mary Wright » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:57 pm

OCTOBER 25, 2017

A meeting of the Building & Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) was held on
October 25, 2017 at the Municipal Center. Ms. Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

PRESENT: Linda Brown, Michael Fitzpatrick, Virginia Howe, Shirley Mosczynski (Vice Chairperson), Rebekka O’Melia
NON-VOTING: William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Adam Furno (Facilities Maintenance Manager)
ABSENT: Sean Holland (Chairman)

Mr. Cundiff stated that the $21,000 remaining from the school roof project was returned to Free Cash. That money will need to be re-appropriated at Town Meeting. Approximately $27,000 remains in the budget for the Municipal Center project.
The remaining punch list items are within the $5,000 retainage. This retainage should cover the remaining scope. 5% will be withheld until the minor defects are resolved.
-Window Treatments Proposal
The Town Administrator and the Town Finance Director have determined that window treatments are beyond the scope of the project. Mr. Furno stated that the cost of window treatments will come out of his budget.
George O’Neil of GRLA is in the process of submitting the first pay req. to Vareika.

Mr. Furno stated that he approached GGD, and they prepared an estimate for $6,400 plus extra services. This work would be done in the spring. Simplex has had a change of management and Mr. Furno was unable to reach their contact. He and Mr. Cundiff support GGD’s proposal. A discussion was held.
Ms. O’Melia’s only concern is that GGD is not local and the proposal does not include more than three site visits or meetings with the Town. The cost of each visit is $500. Mr. Furno agreed that four or five meetings may be needed. A discussion was held.
The new building code with nine conditions may be in effect January, 2018. Mr. Furno will check.
Mr. Fitzpatrick asked if the IT wire exploration project cost could be combined with the fire alarm wiring. Mr. Furno discussed this with the Town Administrator and IT and the idea needs to be explored further.
It was the consensus that Mr. Cundiff and Mr. Furno proceed and find answers to the items discussed and bring the information to the next meeting.

Mr. Furno stated that Modern Manufacturing got back to him late this afternoon. The price in the packet includes in-house asbestos testing and abatement. This project would have to go through the Capital Committee.
Mr. Furno has not yet expended the $10,000 appropriated for engineering. It was suggested that that money be used to assess for asbestos. Mr. Cundiff stated that that use would need to be approved by the Town Finance Director.

Mr. Cundiff reviewed that in February the Town entered into a Community Compact Agreement. He has been working with Central Mass. Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) on achieving the five criteria for the Green Communities Act. Only recently they received a draft Energy Reduction Plan, which addressed criterion three. Many items on the list were not practical, and he and the Board of Selectmen (BOS) worked on that with CMRPC and the Dept. of Energy Resources (DOER). Last night the BOS adopted the plan, along with a Fuel Efficient Vehicle Plan. The Energy Reduction Plan still needs to go to the School Dept. for their recommendation. The grant deadline is October 31, 2017.
Mr. Cundiff has been working Town Counsel to satisfy criteria one and two, which concern by-right zoning and permitting areas for green facilities. He is confident they can get a letter to DOER by the end of the month to meet the deadline.
Once DOER approves the five criteria, a grant could be received of up to $250,000 which could be applied towards building improvements or energy efficiency. LED street lighting is a priority for the Town. Ms. Brown asked if LED lighting could be installed in the gym and funded by the Green Communities grant. Mr. Cundiff stated that it could be looked into.

Mr. Cundiff stated that the project is done. Only the billing needs to be done. The Town received a credit of $5,000 on the construction.

6. MEETING MINUTES: September 27, 2017
Ms. Brown made a motion to approve the September 27, 2017 BFCC meeting minutes as amended. Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Mr. Cundiff has brought up the subject of the painting of the library with the Library Director and the Town Administrator. Mr. Cundiff will send a follow -up email.

Ms. Brown made a motion to adjourn the BFCC meeting at 7:39 PM. Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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