10/10/2017 APPROVED

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10/10/2017 APPROVED

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OCTOBER 10, 2017
Location: Kitchen CRA: Arthur Griffin

PRESENT: Shirley Cooney, Chairperson; Debby Heinz, Secretary; Laurie Church, Treasurer
Quorum is Present
Meeting is called to order: 7:02 pm
9/19/17 MINUTES: Debby Heinz motions to accept minutes as written; Laurie Church seconds motion. Motion is so moved.
BINDERS: Letters are received from Hannah Perkins as well as DAR Regent giving the ok for the binders of indexed cemetery information to be transferred to the Simon Fairfield Library.
DOUGLAS CENTER CEMETERY: Water was turned off on October 6, 2017 as requested. Valves have been removed and will be replaced in spring. In regard to the loam, John Furno, as per telephone call with Debby Heinz, states that the Highway Equipment is too big for that kind of job, that we would be better off contacting a landscaping company for a small piece of equipment, such as a bobcat, to spread the loam. He also stated that he did not think that the amount of loam that we ordered would cover the entire area. Shirley states that it will cover whatever it can.
OTHER: Shirley wants a letter in writing from Justin Snook, librarian at Simon Fairfield library, to send the Cemetery Commission a letter stating that they are indeed in possession of binders of indexed Douglas Center Cemetery that were given to Betsy Youngsma at September meeting. Debby will call him in morning.
Committee discusses upcoming Annual Report that will be due at the end of January. Debby suggests that she wants to get a jump start on it. Laurie will send her a report of things that the commission had done during the 2017 fiscal year. Debby will work on the report and have a draft prepared for the next meeting.
There is no other business.
NEXT MEETING: 1/9/2018
Debby Heinz motions to adjourn; Laurie Church seconds. Motion is so moved.
Meeting is adjourned
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