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SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

LOCATION: Community Meeting Room CRA: Al

Meeting is called to order at 7:05 pm.

A quorum is present
PRESENT: Commissioners Shirley Cooney; Debby Heinz; Betsy Youngsma
GUESTS: Sarah Guimond
PINE GROVE CEMETERY STATUS: Guest Sarah Guimond has come before the Commission to share with them the work that she is doing in repairing damaged stones, cleaning the stones and some of the information that she has gotten off of them. She presents each of the Commissioners with a printout of what stones have been done so far and what solution she uses to clean them. She goes on to explain that she came across a stone that had sunk into the ground of a Civil War veteran. She shares that Adam Furno and his family, on August 25, 2018, raised and set the stone. Lastly, she presents the Commission with pictures of the work that has been. Debby asks Betsy if they have archival binders that they can be put in. Betsy suggests that a regular picture binder from Walmart would be fine. Debby comments that she understands that there are a lot of French buried in the cemetery. Sarah explains that the front corner by Gilboa Street is where mostly French children are buried. Shirley thanks Sarah for the work that she is doing and Debby states that the Commission looks forward to seeing her again for another update. Betsy asks that a thank you note be sent to Adam Furno. The Commissioner agrees.
7/24/2018 Meeting Minutes: Debby asks if there are any questions. Betsy, asks what is it exactly that the Commission wants done. Shirley explains that we want to have the Yucca plants removed as the roots damage the stones. Betsy asks who suggested that we remove them. Shirley explains that it was Full Circle. Betsy comments that she likes the way they look. Debby asks if there is no further questions or discussion, upon none, Debby makes a motion to accept the minutes of 7/24/2018 meeting be accepted as written; Betsy seconds. Motion is so moved.
8/28/2018 Meeting Minutes: Debby asks if there are any questions. Betsy asks what the Greater Worcester Foundation is. Shirley first explains the working of the Foundation. She then asks Debby if she has a statement. Debby reads the information from the most recent report. Debby asks if there is no further questions or discussion, upon none, she motions to accept the minutes of the 8/26/2018 meeting as written; Betsy seconds. Motion is so moved.

Walk Abouts: Betsy explains that she spoke to John Furno regarding the dead tree in South Street Cemetery. John said that he will check it out and see if he and his men can take it down. It is agreed by the Commission that they will wait to hear from John Furno.
DCC: Shirley explains that she has the written report from Arbor Alliance regarding the loam. To spread the loam will be $200.00. If we want them to also fertilize and seed, it will be another $300.00. Shirley is waiting to hear from Arbor as to when it will be done. It was explained to her that it can’t be done when the soil is extremely dry.
Other: Water shut-off: Debby explains that the water is usually turned the day after Columbus Day. That would make October 9, 2018 the turn off date. Commission to agree. Debby will contact the water department by October 1, 2018.

Flag Etiquette: As per requested by Shirley, Debby shares the laws she printed out, from three different sites, in regard to the placement and removal of flags at gravesites. As per the rules, the flags are supposed to be removed as soon after the holiday as possible. She then asks who puts the flags on the graves. Betsy explains that the Boy Scouts do with the flags purchased by the Veterans Association. The Commission tries to figure out who the job of removal should be left too. Debby suggests that we can compromise and since the Boy Scouts would have a difficult time taking them down and putting them back down, that we leave them by the gravesite from Memorial Day to Veterans Day and then they go and take them out. Shirley does not agree with this. Debby shows the Commission a letter that she has put together to the Veterans of Foreign War inviting them to our October meeting to discuss this issue. The Commission agrees on this.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: As per discussed at the last meeting, the corrected deeds that had to be sent, due to renumbering, have been sent out to the plot owners.
FINANCIAL REPORT: Debby presents an invoice from A&B for 9/13/2018 mowing of three Town cemeteries in the amount of $1450.00 with voucher attached. Betsy signs voucher. Debby then presents and invoice from the Water & Sewer district in the amount of $59.90 for basic water charge and consumption with voucher attached. Betsy signs voucher. Copies were made of both and originals were placed in Town Accountant’s mailbox.
NEXT MEETING: October 24, 2018
ADJOURNMENT: Debby motions to adjourn at 8:06 pm; Betsy seconds. Motion is so moved.
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