10/29/2018 APPROVED

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10/29/2018 APPROVED

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LOCATION: Community Meeting Room CRA: Al

Meeting is called to order is at 7:10 pm
Present: Commissioners: Shirley Cooney, Debby Heinz and Betsy Youngsma

Quorum is present

Minutes: Minutes are reviewed. Debby makes a motion to accept minutes of 9/26/2018 as written; Betsy 2nds. Motion is so moved

Cemeteries Update:
DCC: Betsy has marked the toppled stones with little lights to make them easier to identify when they receive the blocks to prop them up.
SSC: John Furno and his men took down the dead tree and removed all debris from it. Betsy asks that a thank you note be sent.
PGC: Nothing new to report at this time.
Flag Etiquette:
Debby explains that she has not had any response from the VFW regarding coming to our meeting to discuss the issue. She explains to the Commissioners that she has come with an idea. Since the Boy Scouts place them on the graves in May, that perhaps we can have the Cub Scouts remove them after Veterans Day in November. We could then, perhaps at the Historical Society, serve them pizza and thank them for the community service. To make it something of an event. It is agreed upon by the Commissioners. Debby will contact the Cub Scouts and report her conversation at the next meeting. Betsy and a group of people walked the cemetery and removed all the broken flags. There were about 30 in all; the flags were brought down to the Fire Station.

Thank You Letter: Debby presents thank you letter to John Furno that had been typed up upon receipt of information that the tree had been taken down for signature. She will place in Highway mail slot along with a copy for the Town Administrator.
Loam in DCC: Betsy spoke with John Furno and he is willing to store it for us for the winter. She doesn’t know if he will spread it in the spring, but he will store it. Shirley explains that this agreement made with Arbor Alliance was agreed upon way back. After much deliberation back and forth it is agreed upon by the Commission to wait for Joe to spread it.
Sibley/Mason Plot: While it was stated that if something was going to be done, which it probably would be, it would not be done until September when the extremely hot weather had passed, as of this date no clean up of any kind has been done. Debby will reach to her previous contact.
Plot Maintenance:
Debby presents the letter that she had put together to send to plot owners in new section and/or put up on the Town Bulletin Board. After much deliberation, it is decided that a copy of the letter will be given when a plot is purchased.
Betsy asks if we still use the old book that is in the file cabinet. She is told yes and the procedure is explained to her.
Betsy asks if we have the contract with A&B with us. Betsy makes a copy of it for her records.
Betsy asks to discuss the $12,000.00 that is requested to be earmarked for the Cemetery Commission on the Town Warrant for the Special Town Meeting in November. Debby explains that it is to cover mowing increase, amount of mowings per fiscal year and the spreading of the loam.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Letter was sent to VFW inviting them to our meeting in October. Thank you letters were sent to Adam Furno and Sarah Guimond for their work at Pine Grove Cemetery restoring stones and collecting data. Copies were sent to the Town Administrator.
FINANCIAL REPORT: As of 10/24/2018, the balance in the Cemetery Commission budget is: $4400.10. So far, any monies spent have gone to mowings and water.
NEXT MEETING: 12/11/2018

ADJOURNMENT: Debby motions to adjourn at 7:50 pm; Betsy 2nds. Motion is so moved.
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