3/28/2018 APPROVED

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3/28/2018 APPROVED

Postby Jean Dwinnell » Tue May 01, 2018 11:17 am

MARCH 28, 2018

Location: Resource Room CRA: Tess Worme

PRESENT: Shirley Cooney, Chairperson; Debby Heinz, Secretary
ABSENT: Laurie Church, Treasurer
GUEST: Henry Torpe, Scout

The Cemetery Commission is having this meeting for the sole purpose of speaking with Henry Torpe and his project toward earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Debby has put together a list of sorts of things that he could do. One of which was Spring Cleaning. However, Spring Cleaning does not really fit into project outline.
Shirley likes idea of making row marker signs. She suggests that first Henry would need a blue print of the Cemetery and to meet with Bill Cundiff to discuss the cemetery. Shirley and Debby explain that Bill Cundiff knows about the layout and work done. He is the most knowledgable.
Shirley suggests to Henry that he might also be interested in helping with the digitization and taking of pictures of grave markers etc.
It is decided that Henry is going to think it over and possibly come up with ideas himself.
Debby and Henry exchange phone numbers and agree to keep in touch.

Debby motions to adjourn; Shirley so moves.
Meeting adjourns at 7:40 pm.
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