6/19/2018 MINUTES

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6/19/2018 MINUTES

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LOCATION: Resource Room CRA: Tess Worme

Meeting is called to order at 7:15 pm
PRESENT: Shirley Cooney, Chairperson; Debby Heinz, Secretary, Acting Treasurer
ABSENT: Betsy Youngsma
MINUTES: Minutes of 5/29/18 are reviewed. After spelling error is corrected, Debby Heinz motions to approve amended minutes. Motion is so moved.
UPDATED DEED: Debby presents an updated deed to the Commission. She explains that the only changes to the deed are the rules to plot maintenance; being brought up to date with the rules currently in place. She also points out that down on the bottom there is only three lines for signatures rather than all the other information that does not pertain to us. Shirley and Debby agree on deed. Debby motions that on this 19th day of June, in the year of 2018, the Town of Douglas Cemetery Commission votes accept the updated deed.
OTHER: Poison Ivy: Shirley reports that as of this date, she has had no news regarding the Poison Ivy in Pine Grove Cemetery. She will reach out again to Dewey. / WATER ISSUE AT DCC: Debby will contact Bob Sullivan at Water District to set up a meeting at the cemetery with the Commissioners to discuss issue regarding the new section of the cemetery.
MOWING INCREASE: Debby confirms to the Commission that the cost of each mowing will now be: $1450.00.
The following issues will be tabled until 7/23/18 meeting:
Website updates / Letter to be sent to plot owners regarding conditions of the plot / Report of Receiving Tomb from Commissioner Betsy Youngsma / Plot Increase. After Debby shares her information and suggests that we increase the plot cost to $1500.00, Shirley suggests that we table it until 7/23/18 meeting.
SECRETARY REPORT: Debby explains that the letter sent to the Mason’s at the end of May was returned to us as they have no mail receptacle. Shirley suggests that if we have a contact we reach out to them.
TREASURER REPORT: Debby presents Invoice for 5/25 & 6/12 mowings. Subtracting both totals we currently have a balance of: $1421.80 in our budget.
NEXT MEETING: 7/23/18 & 8/20/18 @ 7 pm in the Town Hall
ADJOURNMENT: Debby motions to adjourn at 7:45 pm. Motion is so moved.
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