January 23, 2018 Planning Board meeting

January 23, 2018 Planning Board meeting

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A meeting of the Planning Board was held on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. Mr. Marks called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM and announced that the meeting is being recorded and will be available on cable and on the website.

PRESENT: Ernest Marks (Chairman), Michael Greco, Tracy Sharkey (Vice Chairperson-arrived 7:08 PM), Les Stevens, Aaron Socrat, Michael Zwicker
ABSENT: Ken Ballou
NON-VOTING: William Cundiff (Town Engineer)

7:03 PM ANR PLAN: HEIRS OF ALICE CHASE (#2018-03), Orange Street.
Lance Anderson of Heritage Design Group joined the meeting. Mr. Cundiff stated that his comments have been addressed, and the plan conforms and is straightforward. Mr. Anderson stated that the owner is aware that this is chapter land. The plan has not yet been recorded. The Town has right of first refusal. Mr. Cundiff stated that he spoke with the Assessor’s Office and the Town is limited to enforce that right.
Mr. Zwicker made a motion to endorse the ANR plan for the Heirs of Alice Chase (#2018-03), Orange Street. Mr. Greco seconded the motion. Vote: Aye-5.

7:11 PM DISCUSSION: Cosma Residential Compound 202-206 Maple Street.
Travis Brown of Andrews Survey and Engineering and John Cosma joined the meeting. The owner is looking to develop some of his parcels into a residential compound. 90,000 sq. ft. and 200 ft. of frontage are required in the RA district. Lot 1 (#202) has an existing house with minimal frontage on Maple Street. The remaining land will be reconfigured by creating a 50’ long right-of-way off the existing gravel driveway and three lots would be created off of it, one of which already exists. No houses are proposed in the industrial zone. A hammerhead style gravel turnaround is planned; 30’ deep and 40’ wide. A discussion was held.
The owner will need relief from the abutter’s property line. Lot 1 should be included as part of the residential compound. In order to exclude lot 1, Mr. Cundiff stated that they should go through the ANR process first. The Board had no other concerns.

1. Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land: Waivers. Mr. Cundiff presented a list of all waivers for the four most recent projects that are not residential compounds: Sleepy Hollow, The Lane at Hunts Pond, Gilboa Court Extension, and Whitin Reservoir Estates. The common waivers are for sidewalks on both sides of a street, street trees in the grass strips and curbing. A discussion was held. It was decided to maintain the waivers for sidewalks and curbing.
The Board next reviewed the width for residential compounds. The Board agreed that the width of the driveway should be 20’.
2. FY19 Budget. Ms. Sharkey made a motion to level-fund the FY19 Planning Board Budget. Mr. Zwicker seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.
3. ZBA Application: Haagsma Realty Trust, 64 Depot Street (Variance). Mr. Socrat stated that the applicants are asking for a front setback variance in order to be out of the wetland buffer zone. The Board had no objection to the application. Ms. Sharkey had no opinion.
4. Minutes: January 9, 2018
Approval of the January 9, 2018 Planning Board meeting minutes was deferred to the next meeting, pending addition of the bond release amount for Stone Gate Estates, Discussion item #1.

Mr. Zwicker made a motion to adjourn the Planning Board meeting at 7:50 PM. Ms. Sharkey seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

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