Approved Minutes from June 20, 2019

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Approved Minutes from June 20, 2019

Postby Jean Dwinnell » Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:54 am

JUNE 20, 2019
LOCATION: Municipal Center Resource Room: CRA Sarah Guimond

APPROVED: Cemetery Commission Meeting July 1, 2019

Meeting is called to order at 7:05 P.M.
Attendance: Chairperson Shirley Cooney, Betsy Youngsma, and Jean Dwinnell
Quorum is met.
Reading of Previous Meeting: Jean Dwinnell read the previous minutes. Betsy Youngsma motioned to accept the minutes as read, Shirley Cooney seconded, motion so moved.

Treasurers Report: Betsy Youngsma distributed a record of our expenditures and current balance of the Cemetery Commission’s General Fund through June 19, 2019. She also reported that one plot has been sold at Douglas Center Cemetery and in a bill for mowing of the three cemeteries and the trimming of the yucca tree at the South Street Cemetery was paid to A & B Landscaping. The balances for the Cemetery P.Care Trust and Sale of Lots RRA remain the same.
Shirley Cooney asked if enough money was available to pay the June bills, Betsy said we have enough for the bills.
Jean Dwinnell made a motion to accept the report, Shirley Cooney seconded, motion so moved.

Old Business: Two requests regarding Cemetery Plots. One individual requested a copy of an existing deed and another individual requested information for the purchase of a Plot. The copy has been sent for the existing deed and a letter explaining the process for the purchase of a new plot was mailed to the second individual.
A brief discussion was held as to who is eligible to purchase a plot. Plots may be purchased by any individual.

New Business: The water bill has been paid.
A review of the following recommendations from Full Circle Tree Care was discussed.

Tree removal: Betsy requested that we consult with John Furno before a tree is taken down. Jean asked if she meant all tree work or just for removals. It was suggested that we invited John to a meeting to discuss this issue.

Stump grinding at Douglas Center Cemetery: Several stumps throughout the cemetery, grinding would prevent extra growth and make the upkeep easier.

Transferring four Rose of Sharon bushes from the Brown house to the Cemetery
These four recommendations will be further discussed.

Herbicide application at Pine Grove Cemetery: Jean and Betsy recommended this be completed. Jean Dwinnell made the motion to precede with the herbicide, seconded by Betsy Youngsma, motion so moved.

Betsy Youngsma requested that Full Circle Tree Car be invited to a meeting to explain the stump grinding, seconded by Jean Dwinnell, motion so moved.

Future meeting dates was discussed. Jean Dwinnell made the motion to meet on the first Monday of the month, seconded by Betsy Youngsma, motion so moved. Adjustments will be made for Monday Holidays.

Other Business: Betsy Youngsma reported that the stone wall at Douglas Center Cemetery had been hit and damaged. This is on the inside of the cemetery. The wall needs to be repaired and a way to prevent future incidents should be investigated.

She also recommended that the broken stones in all three cemeteries be picked up and put in a safe place, also stones lying flat on the ground should be raised up from ground level to prevent them from being mowed over.

Betsy also would like to request two new Cemetery Commissioners positions be added. She will write up a proposal to be submitted to the Selectmen.

Betsy also inquired at to the cost of a plot. She stated that she believes that the cost was previously voted to be increased to $1500.00. That will be investigated.

She reported that the top soil on the vault at Douglas Center Cemetery is eroding. She suggested planting some sort of grown cover such as phlox to prevent this from continuing.

Next Meeting: Monday, July 1, 2019

Motion to Adjourn Jean Dwinnell made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Betsy Youngsma, so moved.

Respectfully Submitted

Jean M. Dwinnell
Secretary, Cemetery Commission
Jean Dwinnell
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