BOS - October 20, 2020 - Revised

BOS - October 20, 2020 - Revised

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Board of Selectmen
Remote Meeting
October 20, 2020

7:00 pm

• Call to Order by Roll Call
• Pledge of Allegiance
• Chairman’s Announcements

1. Hearing: Transfer of Liquor License – The Grille on Main – Possible Vote(s)

2. Meeting with Town Moderator on Special Town Meeting

3. Discussion to Reconsider Webster Street Bid – Possible Vote(s)

4. HCA Request – Flying Goose – Possible Vote(s)

5. SOLAR PILOT – Oak Street Solar Farm - Possible Vote(s)

6. Approve Conservation Commissions Acceptance of Land Gift - Possible Vote(s)

7. Ratify Police and FF Union COLA MOU’s – Possible Vote(s)

8. Review and Sign November 14, STM Warrant, and Assign Motions
– Possible Vote(s)

9. Approve Minutes – Possible Vote(s)

10. Administrators Report & COVID – 19 Update

11. Open Session for Topics Not Reasonably Anticipated 48 Hours in Advance of
the Meeting

12. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:

Nov. 3rd:
Tax Classification Hearing

Nov. 14th: Meeting Prior to Town Meeting if Needed, STM

Dec.: All License Renewals

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October 20, 2020 - BOS Minutes.pdf
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Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2020
Approved November 3, 2020

The call to order was by Chair Kevin Morse at 7:00pm in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, participants were invited to join the meeting remotely.
Present: Kevin Morse (Chair), Tim Bonin, Mike Hughes, Dave Cortese, Hal Davis (remote)
Non-Voting: Matt Wojcik (Town Administrator), Jeanne Lovett (Finance Director), Attorney Gerald Shugrue, Rebecca Westbury and Larrissa Lombardi (Grille on Main), William Cundiff (Town Engineer; remote), Keith Menard (Town Moderator), Jackie Firsty (Blue Wave Solar), Attorney Daniel Glissman, Tracy Sharkey (GBI, ConCom, Planning), Chief Vinson, Ben Tusino (Capital Improvement), Robert Pace, Richard Rainone (Flying Goose; remote), Chief Miglianico (remote), Teresa Mattson (Z&T), Attorney Jennifer Gavaletz (remote), Lori Hout (remote), Peter Kasabian (Flying Goose)

(00:45) Chairman’s Announcements: Douglas made the news over the weekend, a Vietnam War Veteran displaying a Veterans for Trump sign up on Main Street and was allegedly accousted by a member of the opposing party which resulted in an arrest. Troubling to see that there can’t be a simple disagreement over candidates without violence being the end product. Behavior and climate like that is not something ever expected to see in this small town. Gentlemen did return to gazebo today and got a tremendous amount of support. Would like to see better from the residents of Douglas, disagreements should not result in violence.

1. (02:55) Hearing: Transfer of Liquor License – The Grille on Main – Possible Votes – In the packet is the license check list and the cover letter for The Grille on Main. Attorney Shugrue, Rebecca and Larrissa joined the meeting. They are buying The Grille on Main and will operate that business in the same way that it has been operated in the past. (05:27) A motion made by Mr. Hughes, seconded by Mr. Bonin, to approve the transfer of the liquor license to the new owners. No further discussion – All – Aye.

2. (06:24) Meeting with Town Moderator on Special Town Meeting –Keith Menard joined the meeting. He says he looked over the meeting, they are still going to keep it quick, they’re not doing audio visual, they’re setting up just a few mics and hopefully it will be the last outdoor meeting. He had a few questions on Articles 7, 8 and 13 that he discussed with the Board, The Town Administrator and the Finance Director. He says they are looking to streamline the process; they do not want to have anyone come up to give a motion, they will accept the motion and second from the floor. Once the motion has been made, they will then ask if there is any dissent? If there isn’t, then the article passes unanimously. If there is dissent, then they will call up the presenter and go back into the process as it normally would be.

3. (18:09) Discussion to Reconsider Webster Street Bid – Possible Votes – One of the bidders submitted an objection to the decision on the awarding on the bid. Mr. Morse has been talking to Town Counsel with what the options are going forward – Option one is to stand pat on the decision rendered and feel comfortable with the votes as presented and if the bidders wish to appeal, then the next step would be go to superior court to appeal it. Option two would be vote to reopen the conversation and then reconsider, they would need a motion to reconsider the awarding of the bid. Mr. Morse asks the Board which option they would like to pursue. Mr. Cortese does not see any advantage to revote or reconsider, it does not stop anyone’s right from going to court to appeal but if they revote, no matter the outcome of the vote, it could lead to two upset parties instead of one, he doesn’t see any basis to vote again. He feels it was a fair process and thinks reconsidering is not in the best interest of the town. Mr. Hughes thinks that was well said and agrees, he’s not sure with what they would accomplish by revoting. Mr. Davis agrees as well. Mr. Bonin is comfortable with how he voted, doesn’t see it changing much. Mr. Morse asks if there should be a motion to show what the decision was. Mr. Wojcik says no motion is needed if you are deciding to stand pat. Mr. Morse says for the record the decision of the Board of Selectmen is unanimous to stand pat with their current decision. Ms. Mattson is present, she asks that the bonus points that were on the score sheets be removed. Ms. Sharkey of the Planning Board is present as well, explains where there were bonus points, says on two scoring sheets there were extra points awarded beyond the possible score of 205. Daniel Glissman, Attorney for Flying Goose, asks to please allow Flying Goose to move forward now that they have been awarded the vote on Oct. 6th. The Board makes it clear that they are not going to change their scores they are keeping their original vote. Consensus of the Board to stand with their vote of October 6, 2020

4. (32:42) HCA Request – Flying Goose – Possible Votes – In the packet is a letter from Rich Rainone owner of the Flying Goose written as a formal request to be on the agenda to be heard on the next Board of Selectman meeting. Peter Kasabian is present at the meeting. Hal Davis and Kevin Morse are going to meet up with the owners of Flying Goose to finalize the retail, manufacturing and cultivation agreements all at once. Tuesday, October 27th at 1:00pm the Flying Goose owners and Mr. Morse and Mr. Davis will meet at the Town Hall to go over the HCA’s. Mr. Kasabian asks for a draft HCA to pass around to everyone on their team prior to the meeting. Mr. Wojcik says they will get one for them.

5. (42:29) Solar Pilot – Oak Street Solar Farm – possible votes – This agreement was approved by Town Meeting. (42:50) A motion is made by Mr. Cortese, seconded by Mr. Hughes, to execute the agreement. All – Aye.

6. (43:45) Approve Conservation Commissions Acceptance of Land Gift – possible votes – Attorney Jennifer Gavaletz joined the meeting remotely. (45:04) A motion is made by Mr. Bonin, seconded by Mr. Cortese, to accept the donation of 5 acres of open space land to the Town’s people of Douglas. All – Aye.

7. (45:35) Ratify Police and FF Union COLA MOU’s – possible votes – Mr. Wojcik states in an abundance of formality, they have signed a MOU to retract a prior MOU. (46:08) A motion made by Mr. Cortese, seconded by Mr. Hughes, to approve the MOU to revoke the prior MOU as presented. Mr. Wojcik asks if that applies to both the Police and Fire Union. Mr. Cortese amends the motion to say that the MOU applies to both the Police and Fire Union, seconded by Mr. Hughes. All – Aye.

8. (46:52) Review and Sign November 14, STM Warrant and Assign Motions – possible votes – The Board reviews the warrant, the articles are discussed. (01:04:35) A motion made by Mr. Cortese, seconded by Mr. Hughes, to close and sign the warrant as presented. All – Aye. There was a discussion about there not being enough time to review all of the information on the warrant before having to close it. The Board and the Town Administrator discuss the possibility of putting a deadline on submission time for warrant articles so that they do not come in right at the last minute. Mr. Wojcik will adopt a policy for the Board to review. Mr. Cortese suggests having meetings more frequently to be able to review things when necessary, Mr. Bonin agrees.

9. (01:20:13) Approve Minutes – possible votes – (01:20:15) A motion made by Mr. Hughes, seconded by Mr. Cortese, to approve the regular meeting minutes for October 6, 2020. All- Aye. (01:20:27) A motion made by Mr. Hughes, seconded by Mr. Cortese, to approve and retain the executive session minutes from the same date, October 6, 2020. All – Aye.

10. (01:20:45) Administrators Report and Covid-19 Update – Covid cases in Town briefly increased to 6 this week, no new cases in several days. Board of Health has met and discussed, they’re following the state and CDC’s guidelines for Halloween, which is to take all necessary precautions but go ahead and have a good time. Mr. Wojcik passes around a document showing the certified free cash amount. The number was achieved by a year to year roll over of funds. Ms. Lovett did out the numbers to show how they got to that amount. Mr. Wojcik discusses the premiums for property and casualty insurance, the number is up this year, especially in workers comp. The Town has achieved MVP designation (Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness) and can now get MVP Action Grants which top out at 2 million. Next Grant round is in spring 2021. He lists the grants that the town has currently applied for and what amount they are asking for and why. Community Garden has wrapped up, they produced 154 pounds of fresh vegetables for the food pantry.

11. (01:31:06) Open session for topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours in advance of the meeting – Mr. Bonin asks if Mr. Wojcik heard any additional feedback from the MMA letter. He has heard feedback from Selectmen from other towns, they’re glad that Douglas Selectmen had done the letter.

12. (01:32:41) Adjournment – A motion to adjourn is made by Mr. Cortese, seconded by Mr. Hughes. All – Aye.

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