Minutes, Monday December 8, 2008

Minutes, Monday December 8, 2008

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Meeting Minutes

Monday December 8, 2008 – Douglas Municipal Center

Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Bob Werme
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich

Meeting Opened by Tom Devlin @ 7:05pm

1.) Minutes: 10/27/08 Motion by Mitch to approve as presented, 2nd by Bob – Unanimous favor
2.) Correspondence: Charter notification dated 11/25 of a price increase. Basic will remain at $13.01. This change will effect pre-packaged bundles. Tom gave letter to Pat to put with public materials. Dec 1st received the annual adjustment that has been filed with the FCC. Received certificate of insurance $2 million insurance with Charter. Phone call: West St. asking about cable build out there? Was told to call Charter directly, but they can refer to DCAC if need be.
3.) (Agenda #6) Finances: Expenditures – Month of November: Wages $1568.10. Total Season Expenses: $6320.93.
4.) (Agenda #7) Coordinator’s Report: Notices: Minutes have been posted online, Mitch set me up with an account sign in. Will remain up-to-date.
-Fall Video Production Class 2008 was completed with a successful taping of the “Producer’s Roundtable” Program, which is now playing on channel 11.
-Tom and I spoke to Water/Sewer Committee and they are aware that we will begin taping meetings in the new year. -Sound issues with the MICROPHONE SNAKE- Need a new chair in the office, Change the course name to Level 1 Video Production, so we have room to create a level 2. -Getting public submissions a place on the website.
5.) (Agenda #8) Local Program Hour: Member of the board of Library Trustees has shown interest in (hosting) – changed to “Guesting”. Possible 30 Minute program with 5 minute guest speaker.
6.) (Agenda #9) Equipment Purchase: Need to purchase new UPS, XLR cables that were approved in previous meeting. Pat is putting together a shopping list. The New Laptop has been configured and installed with programs, software, and security reminders that automatically pop up at startup. Mitch mentioned that Pat should take a digital picture of the new laptop and all of the contents, labeled and put with package. Laptop is officially available for public use – IE those who have become Level 1 video producers. Memory upgrades have been completed to the machines in the office, and upgrade of Town Internet service has made uploads faster.
The Resource room PA system to ensure audio clarity for larger town meetings has been researched by Mitch and Fred. Fred is currently installing the same type of thing and has a good match for equipment and cost that we can use. Motion was made by Fred to approve up to $2700.00 for parts and installation for the sound system in the resource room, seconded by Mitch with unanimous favor – to include: (6) speakers, hand held wireless mic, (1) day install, amplifier, equalizer, and 4 channel mixer with basic on/off performance.
7.) (Agenda #10) Winter Video Class: Level 1 Video Production - Jan 10th through Feb 28th. Spring and Summer classes to follow accordingly.
8.) (Agenda #11) Other Business: Mounting permanent boxes with inputs and couplers in the Resource room for a more permanent setup for meetings. Mitch made a motion for up to $500.00 for a snake and related accessories. Fred 2nd. Unanimous favor.
9.) (Agenda #12) Next Meeting: Monday, January 12th 2009 at 7pm
10.) Tom made motion to adjourn, Mitch 2nd, unanimous favor.
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