Minutes, Monday June 15, 2009

Minutes, Monday June 15, 2009

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DOUGLAS CABLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes Monday June 15, 2009 – Douglas Municipal Center Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Rich Preston Staff Present: Pat Aldrich Meeting Opened by Tom Devlin @ 7:05pm 1. Minutes: 4/13, 5/11 - Not ready.
2. Correspondence: Nomination forms for NE Regional Board of Directors for Community Alliance. Memo for year end procedures from Accountant to finish of fiscal year. Alliance Community Media Conference in Portland Oregon July 15-18th.
3. Finance: Covered major expenses to date. New MacPro with extended warranty (Apple Care) and Monitor. BNH Photo: Assorted parts and DVD’s. Expenditure Report through end of May 09: Year to Date Wages: 12,922.05, Repairs and Maintenance: 420.29, Office Supplies: 323.78, Training: 525.00, Additional Equipment: 5,564.13 for TOTAL: 19,755.25 through May.
4. Cable Coordinator Report: Class going well, (2) classes in. (10) willing participants. Very exciting and interesting group of producers.
5. Local Program Hour: Need Contact information.
6. Charter Communications Reorganization: Recommended to Selectmen to sign off with bankruptcy and reorganization, town attorney says Town of Douglas is in Category “J” which means that Charter will pay all money owed as of April 16th. Charter sent us a letter asking for our intent of action in this matter. Tom sent letter explaining our non-action.
7. Equipment purchase: Mitch Spreadsheet about Camera inventory in regards to class use, only have (5) cameras. Inventory is missing (1) Panasonic camera. Mitch found very affordable camcorders. Rich motioned to purchase Mitch’s list up to $3000.00 Fred 2nd unanimous favor.
8. FY10 Budget: Salary increases will be discussed at next meeting and will be retroactive to July 1st..
9. Other Business: Tom Devlin steps down from Chair of Cable Advisory Committee after 9 years of service.
10. Next Meeting: July 13th for reorganization of Cable Committee with a vacancy to advertise as well. Mitch will take on Tom’s duties in the meantime.
10. Adjournment: 7:30 Motion by Mitch, 2nd by Rich, unanimous favor.
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