Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

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Meeting Minutes

Monday February 1, 2010 – Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Bob Werme, Michelle Fontaine
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich

Meeting Opened by Mitch Cohen @ 7:00pm

1.) Correspondence: Email from Mark Dunleavey asking about possible Charter grant money for purchasing a digital projector for the police dept. for use with Dare and other programs. Mitch returned email that there is no such money on grant, but if the projector is used sparingly they could use ours as they need to. They could have a key pass made for the cable room and they could email Pat for notification of use. Josh Richards submitted a resume for hire as Video Recording Assistant. The Committee agreed that they would have him in for an interview for the position.
2.) Finance: Not ready yet.
3.) Coordinator Report: Students have equipment for class and are in production. Class has been good for evaluating update of the structure. Charter letters received for the town – false cancellation notices have been retracted by Charter.
4.) Annual Review of Coordinator: Delayed from July – review form from town Administrator will be sent out and approved, distributed among the Committee to properly review his position and possibly raise as provided for in fiscal budget.
5.) Local Programming Initiative: Equipment packages have been distributed. CMDART sent email letter to request their inclusion in the initiative. Fred motioned to add CMDART to the list and spend up to $500.00 to purchase an equipment kit. Michelle 2nd – unanimous favor.
6.) Equipment Purchase: Discussion on adding ceiling microphones to the Community Room as researched by Fred. Michelle motioned to spend up to $1000.00 for audio update in Community room, Bob 2nd – unanimous favor.
7.) Other Business: Fred noted that the School channel is “snowy” from time to time, Mitch noted that our channels could use some testing as well. Mitch said he would send School an email to see if they need Charter inspection.
8.) Alumni Party: Michelle tried to contact everyone on the list, but there was only 7 responses, so she asked if it would seem justified to postpone it until early June and possibly make it a barbeque – depending on logistics.
9.) Next Meeting: 3/1/10
10.) Adjourn: Fred made motion to adjourn at 7:31pm, Michelle 2nd, unanimous favor.
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