Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

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Meeting Monday, September 20, 2010 – Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Rich Preston, Fred Fontaine.

Staff: Pat Aldrich

Mitch opened at 7:02 p.m.
1. Meeting Minutes: 8/9/10 - Rich motioned to accept as amended, Fred 2nd, unanimous favor.
2. Insurance: Pat is still working on inventory, but has been working on year-end information for Jeanne.
3. Payroll FY-11 Adjustments update: Personnel Board did not rate Cable Coordinator job or cable recording assistant positions originally and now would like to get both jobs on the pay grid. Mitch had meetings with Town Administrator and pay increase passed. Personnel Board will be reviewing both job descriptions and putting them on the grid. Personnel Board findings go to Town Meeting. Personnel Board has announced they will begin immediate work on rating the jobs, though Mitch has asked for more time to re-write the descriptions, as the last submitted description was 2008. Mitch is going to the Personnel Board meeting for Sept. 21, 2010 to represent Cable and ask for more time to get them a new description including some of the new duties accrued in the past year or so. Some discussion about what it means to be placed on the grid and how that changes payroll for cable. Special care needs to be taken in discussing Video Recording Assistants and working them on to the grid, as they are very unique, comparatively with everything else in Town. When Cable Coordinator position was created in 2005, updated in 2008 – also 2007 Video Recording Assistant was created, they were all approved by Personnel Board but not placed on the grid for some reason. The Committee agreed to the task of updating both job descriptions in hopes that the Personnel Board will hold off and base their decisions on the new information. Personnel Board was invited to attend this meeting, but chose not to. After position is placed on the grid, the Committee has the freedom to place individuals on whatever “step” they feel appropriate. Years after that, it depends on Town Meeting. Some discussion on how the grid works, as well as how the bylaws affect personnel decisions. Rich asked if the personnel bylaws are part of the published bylaws of the town.
4. Equipment: Updating camera bags for travelling video recordings to soft cases @ $32.00 each. Recent recording rack issues have brought attention to the updating of the wires, Mitch and Fred looked at some equipment to fix the rack. (1) Tool kit @ $252.00, Misc. cable ends @ $50.00, 500’ of coax BL-9116-500 cable @ $55.00, Rack Power strips (3) Mid-Atlantic PD-2015R-NS(20) @ $57.00 each, (8) 1’ power extension cords @ $5.00, (1) bag of screws @ $15.00, (4) 15’ extension cords @ $15.00 each, (1) 2TB SATA hard drive @ $120.00 – totaling $1,335.00. Fred motioned that we approve spending up to $1400.00 for new equipment as presented, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
5. Policy Discussion: Public Event Initiative. Policy proposal draft by Mitch was introduced explaining the Committee’s interest in covering public events, possibly creating a calendar of Town Events and also policy for taping. Fred mentioned adding, “volunteers first”, prioritizing over staff if possible. Staff would be paid their usual stipend for such events. Discussion about what events may fall under this policy. Programming would be property of Douglas.
6. Coordinator’s Report: Technical error with recording rack caused some video errors on current meetings, but it has been fixed.
7. Other business: Running tight on availability of Recording Assistants. Discussion about status quo, with a recommendation of an ideal number of 4-5 assistants. Discussion about how to take advantage of free postings, including Cable bulletin board,, Worcester State posting, Blackstone Tribune.
8. Next Meeting: October 4, 2010.
9. Adjournment: Rich motioned, Bob 2nd to adjourn at 8:06pm.
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