Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 4, 2012

Mitch Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:05pm
Committee: Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Tom Devlin, Chris Menn
Staff: Pat Aldrich
Guests: Erin Chadwick, Zack Valliere, Sarah Guimond, Diane Lapierre.
Employee Compensation Plan: Mitch spoke with Mike Guzinski about errors in the plan to be voted on at the Town Meeting. Pat is currently listed at MS-2 step 5, a positive review will put him into step 6. Recording Assistants are currently at MS-0 step 7 and will be moving to step 8 in July. The 1.5% cola that should be included is currently missing, but will be included at the Annual Town Meeting. Mike Guzinski stated that new hires should begin at MS-0 between steps 2-5. July 1st will have another step increase. Step changes should only occur in new fiscal years.
Correspondence: Charter submitted an official application for license renegotiation. Price adjustment letter, new packages available.
Recording Assistant Interviews: Mitch gave some background on the job, operational details, and a general history of Douglas Cable for the applicants in attendance. There was a typo in the ad - starting rate was listed at the current worker’s hourly wage but would not be the same for starting workers.
Erin Chadwick: Introduced herself as a sophomore at Emerson College, current recording assistant at Sutton Cable. Would be going back to school in the fall. Has flexible hours at Sutton Cable, but has daytime availability. Has worked at Emerson TV as a camera operator.
Zack Valliere: Introduced himself as a senior at Fitchburg State, took multiple broadcasting courses, worked at Douglas High School TV. Will be returning to school in the fall. No daytime availability.
Diane Lapierre: Audio engineering student, Douglas High School TV, took Rich Preston’s video class. In the fall, she will be living at home and commuting to Worcester State and will continue to be available except for during class. Summer she has complete availability.
Sarah Guimond: No previous video experience except for personal use, but is tech savvy and willing to learn. Flexible availability into the fall.
Some discussion about the candidates. Bob motioned to offer the position of Recording Assistant to Erin Chadwick, Zack Valliere, Diane Lapierre, and Sarah Guimond at MS-0 step 3, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor. Pat was charged with contacting the candidates via email. Upon receiving acceptance, let them know to set up their payroll paperwork with the Treasurer’s Office, set up a group training session and begin scheduling them to shadow someone for meetings.

Other Business: Open session for topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours in advance of meeting.
Next Meeting: July 9, 2012 with Bill Solomon and Chuck Sherwood, July 23, 2012 with Tom Cohan of Charter.
Adjourn: Bob moved to adjourn at 8:15pm, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
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