Monday July 21, 2014

Monday July 21, 2014

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday July 21, 2014
Mitch Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:03pm
Committee: Mitch Cohen, Tom Devlin, Bob Werme, Chris Menn
Staff: Pat Aldrich

FY15 Re-organization: Tom nominated Mitch Cohen for Chair, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor. Bob nominated Tom Devlin for Vice Chair, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
Financials: Thru 6/14: F/T Wages: YTD: $7,218.68, P/T Wages: YTD: $21,243.15, Repairs and Maintenance: YTD: $434.44, Advertising: YTD: $117.90, Legal: YTD: $7,745.00, Engineering/Architecture: YTD: $337.50, Office Supplies: YTD: $891.11, Other Supplies: YTD: $49.98, In-state Travel: YTD: $160.40, Dues and Membership: YTD: 600.00, Equipment: YTD: $2,447.50. Total YTD: $41,245.66. Pat went through End of FY14 spreadsheet.
Correspondence: Charter sample bill, Open Meeting Checklist, Bob and Tom reappointment letters, Comcast/Charter transfer notices. Mitch explained the ComCast takeover of Central MA from Charter. He spoke to Atty Solomon and Tom Cohan of Charter and both said the newly signed license will transfer as-is to Comcast. The Town has a right to an open hearing about the matter to discuss possible issues, but Atty Solomon said that would be unnecessary, as Comcast can clearly maintain service appropriately to Douglas and abide by the current contract. Mitch will pass the recommendation to not hold a public hearing on to the Board of Selectmen, as they have this issue listed on their Agenda.
FY16 Revenue: The Board of Selectmen approved the FY16 revenue request of a 3% increase, to be received in March 2015. A discussion about the fiber lines to be installed in accordance with the new license, how they will be laid out at the Municipal Center, and any new equipment that is to be installed.
Meeting Minutes: 5/12/14: Tom motioned to accept as presented, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
Job Description “Cable Coordinator”: The Coordinator position was changed from part time to full time, and the Personnel Board wanted the DCAC to take another look at the current job description. Tom motioned to approve the Cable Coordinator job description as written with one change from “Part time” to “Full time”, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor. Mitch will forward to the Personnel Board.
Cable Coordinator Benefits: Pat explained a sheet from Jeanne explaining the calculations of the new benefits attached to the full time Coordinator position, including how she calculates sick, vacation, and personal days. Pat also submitted a memo to the Town describing his wish to surrender all holidays except for the “big four” holidays: New Years, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - in order to have optimal flexibility. Tom motioned to appoint Mitch Cohen to sign off on the presented time off and holiday provisions for Cable Coordinator “full time” benefits as presented, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
Coordinator Review: Placed on the Agenda for next meeting.
Coordinator’s Report: Pat submitted May & June 2014 meetings report. Pat acknowledged that he needs to go back through and take out “public” events from the meeting report and create a Public sheet as well. Douglas Cable Access has been “Google Verified” in business listings. Memorial Day 2014 video was good, stickypod was great, shotgun mics worked well. Video is on YouTube and Channel 11. YouTube archive has been completely transferred to the new YouTube account: New programs: Skin Talk was submitted, KidMissing episode 6 is on YouTube and broadcast, Douglas Farmer’s Market opening day video on YouTube and broadcast. Digital Video Training Summer 2014 has begun, students in production phase. Judged a video contest for ACM-NE, Video festival is in NH October 9-11, 2014. Pat visited the High School Room 208 to audit their equipment, will have some equipment recommendations. Pat submitted some equipment research for “field” production, and will narrow it down further. Some discussion about equipment needs.
Equipment: Bob motioned to spend up to $300.00 for an EZ-Up tent, a folding table, and a couple folding chairs, Tom 2nd, unanimous favor.
Other Business: Need more space on GoogleDrive. Pat will email John Ducharme.
Adjourn: Bob motioned to adjourn at 8:07pm, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.

The materials packet submitted at this meeting can be found here:
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