Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday March 9, 2015
Mitch Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:07pm
Committee: Mitch Cohen, Tom Devlin, Chris Menn
Staff: Pat Aldrich

Interview for Recording Assistant: Applicant did not respond to meeting change, was originally due for interview at Feb meeting that was cancelled due to snow. Pat will try to contact for next meeting.
Vacancy: Mike Belleville has resigned, there is an opening on the Committee. Mitch may have a couple leads of people who may be interested, will follow up.
Charter Encryption Update: Mitch gave some background on the issue, has a meeting set up with Tom Cohan from Charter and Atty Bill Solomon for Friday, will let us know how it works out.
BVT School Committee Meetings: 1/22, 3/5/15 meetings have been recorded and are online, all 13 district towns have been contacted. Pat has been keeping track of progress and coordinating the future meeting recordings. Some discussion about protocol. The Committee asked Pat to continue coordinating the efforts and gave him permission to host a BVT District meeting with the other Town Cable stations involved.
Cable Policy Review: Mitch gave a brief overview of the current Cable Policies, as shown on the Town Website, as well as a summary of the history of policy development. To be discussed at the next meeting. Pat summarized some ideas he has for “producer requirements” to define his role in helping public programming.
Coordinator Review: Mitch asked Pat to distribute the form for approval the April meeting.
Financials: Report from Town Finance Director Attached.
Correspondence: Charter Annual Form 500, Charter Dept Collection for highway dept. Tom Cohan said to ignore, Public Record Request for storm related communication with Charter - Mitch sent 400 pages of emails, Charter letter about tier changes,
Meeting Minutes: 1/12/15: One change, “Financial Director” should be “Finance Director”. Tom motioned to accept as amended, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
Coordinator’s Report: January & February 2015 meeting reports submitted. Sr. Center “Luau” video shot and uploaded, KidMissing 10 and 11 have been shot and uploaded, Library “Robots on the Run” recorded and uploaded, DHS Audio has been installed, Recording media for Community Room “Gefen TV” did not work out, needs replacement, new Sony cameras are in use, new XLR adapters have been ordered to stop the buzzing from microphones, Audio Journal is now playing behind the Bulletin Board on channel 191, Douglas Cable Newsletter for March 15 has been sent to publications, meeting minute packets of FY15 have been scanned into PDF format available on Google Drive, MassAccess Spring Conference 2015 and Trade Show in Springfield on April 27 $50 for members. The committee was supportive of Pat going.
Equipment: Some discussion on the requested items for the field studio kit in relation to our current needs. Tom motioned to purchase equipment as discussed for the field studio kit in the amount of $9,750.00, 2nd by Chris, unanimous favor. Discussion on new items for the Community Room media recording unit, which is still covered under the old motion, no new motion needed. Mitch presented a new multi-microphone unit for use in meeting rooms where there is no recording media setup. Tom motioned to spend up to $250 on the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor. DHS live audio is unusable due to the feedback in the room. Tom motioned to approve $250.00 to purchase a Feedback Destroyer to eliminate the feedback in the School Committee meeting recordings, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor. Pat will send an email to the school to let them know, and will recommend cables.
Adjourn: Chris motioned to adjourn at 8:12pm, Tom 2nd, unanimous favor.

The materials packet submitted at this meeting can be found here: ... authuser=0
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