Minutes, November 19, 2007

Minutes, November 19, 2007

Postby Mitch Cohen » Wed Jan 23, 2008 9:57 pm

Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 19, 2007 – Douglas Municipal Center

Prepared by Mitch Cohen

Members present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Carol Field
Staff present: None
Absent: Rich Preston, Mark Willand, Eben Chesebrough
Audience: None

1. Tom Devlin called the meeting to order at 7:07pm. This is a meeting originally scheduled for November 12.
2. Mitch recommended the purchase of a simple recording setup for the Resource Room.
3. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Carol, to spend up to $1500.00 on the purchase of a simple recording setup for the Resource Room. Vote unanimous in favor.
4. Tom noted the Panasonic camcorder was still out for repair.
5. Tom noted that Krysta White and Chris Larsen had resigned as Cable Recording Assistants.
6. Mitch noted the upcoming Special Town Meeting on Tuesday, November 27, at 7:00pm. All were agreed setup time would be 5:30pm.
7. Mitch noted a problem where a Recording Assistant did not arrive to record a meeting this past Thursday morning. The Recording Assistant later informed Mitch and Tom he was sick. Tom will send contact information of both himself and Mitch to all Recording Assistants, and ask them to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to any recording assignment.
8. Tom noted inquiries regarding Verizon’s FIOS system. Verizon does not offer the FIOS service in the Town of Douglas, and the Committee would be interested in negotiating with Verizon for this to occur.
9. Tom suggested moving Cable Advisory Committee meetings to the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. All were in agreement.
10. Mitch suggested we begin recording additional Committee meetings, consistent with earlier discussion and the letter sent last month. All were in agreement.
11. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Fred, to begin recording meetings of the Board of Health, Recreation Commission, Capital Improvement Committee, Economic Development Commission, Personnel Board, Open Space Committee, Building and Facilities Construction Committee, and the Cemetery Commission. Vote unanimous in favor.
12. Tom will contact the Committee Chairs.
13. Fred noted the audio for the Board of Selectmen meetings may be weak, especially the audio for Scott and Suzanne. He will review after the next Board of Selectmen meeting.
14. The next meeting will be Wednesday, December 12, 2007.
15. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Fred, to adjourn. Vote unanimous in favor.
16. Meeting adjourned at 7:47pm.

Note: The above minutes were approved on January 23, 2008, with one amendment shown above. In item nine, the typo “Are were in agreement” was changed to “All were in agreement.”
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