Minutes, September 17, 2007

Minutes, September 17, 2007

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September 17, 2007

Chairman Devlin called the meeting to order at 7:40

Members in attendance

Chairman Thomas Devlin, Vice Chairman Mitch Cohen, Richard E. Preston, and Wilfred Fontaine

Approval of Minutes

• Minutes of March 12, 2007 were reviewed. A motion was made by Fred Fontaine and seconded by Mitch Cohen to approve the minutes as presented; approved unanimously.

Cable Recording Assistants

Persons who applied for the newly-created position of Cable Recording Assistant, were asked to attend this meeting to introduce themselves and to discuss the their role and responsibilities in assisting with municipal meeting cablecasts.
In attendance were: Mark Asadorian, Chris Larson, Angie Coe, Patrick Aldrich, and Krista White.
All, including Arthur Griffin who was not present, were appointed to the new position.
A motion was made by Mitch Cohen and seconded by Rich Preston to make the appointment; approved unanimously.

Municipal Meeting Broadcast Policy

Policy recommendations were presented in writing by Mitch Cohen and Eben Chesebrough (not in attendance), regarding the expansion of municipal meeting cablecasts, and the notification process to those boards, committees, and commissions not currently recording/broadcasting their meetings.
The committee agreed to review the recommendations and discuss the issue further at the next scheduled meeting.

Simplified Meeting Recording Systems

The committee discussed briefly the design/purchase of meeting recording systems that would be simplified and user-friendly for meeting members to set up and operate. This system would be used in the absence of any video production technical support.
The specific equipment to be used in these systems, and how they will be applied will be explored further by the committee.

Town-Wide Cable Service

A brief discussion was held regarding the status of cable service throughout the town; there are areas of Douglas still not receiving cable service.
The committee will contact the appropriate Charter representative/liaison to the town, and invite this person to a future meeting to discuss these “blacked out” areas, and their future plans to rectify the problem.
The committee would also like to see map of the town showing those area currently receiving cable service, to act as a visual aid during these discussions.

New Purchase

Mitch Cohen informed the committee that the VisualHub format conversion software had been purchased at the cost of $23.32.

Producer’s Roundtable

Rich Preston announced that the most recent video production class was completed, and that student’s video work would be shown in the newest version of Producer’s Roundtable, starting Saturday, September 22nd.

A motion was made to adjourn by Mitch Cohen, and seconded by Fred Fontaine; approved unanimously.

The Committee adjourned at 8:45.

Respectfully Submitted,
Richard E. Preston
Committee Secretary pro tempore
Mitch Cohen
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