BOS - March 4, 2008

BOS - March 4, 2008

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Board of Selectmen
March 4, 2008

7:00 pm

• Call to Order

• Chairman’s Announcements

• Citizen’s Forum

7:05 pm
1. Conservation Water Restriction Update – Mike Yacino

2. Select Printer for Annual Report

3. Open Warrants for Special Town Meeting and Annual Town Meeting

4. Minutes: June 18, 2008

5. Administrator’s Report

6. Old / New Business

7. Executive Session – Collective Bargaining

8. Adjournment
Future agendas:

March 5th: 6:00 pm Govt. Study Workshop

March 11th: 6:00 pm Budget Workshop

March 18th: Layout Hearing; Discontinue Rt. 16

TBD: Skate Park Update; Fraud Policy; Personnel Policy: Finance Policy; Water/Sewer; Letter from DCR
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
March 4, 2008
APPROVED October 7, 2008

Call to Order:
Chairman Mike Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:55 pm in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Vice Chair John Bombara, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.
Other Staff and citizens: Town Engineer William Cundiff, Planning/Conservation Agent Steve Zisk, Conservation Commission Vice Chair Michael Yacino, Kopelman & Paige Atty Brian Maser, Atty Ed Taipale. T&G Reporter Steve Foskett, Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson

Chair Announcements: Mike Hughes
- Government Study Workshop Scheduled for March 5th at 6 pm.
- Budget Workshop Scheduled for March 11th at 6 pm
- Selectmen Regularly Scheduled meeting March 18th

Citizens Forum: No one came forward.

1. Conservation Water Restriction Update (Handout/Maps): Michael Yacino & Steve Zisk came forward. Michael Yacino I came before the Board in September with Board of Health Agent Joseph Yacino to originally look at ways to conserve water in Douglas. Minimal reaction required by the Board. Mr. Yacino gave a summary of the research done-Phase 1 Study-public & private wells. Thanked Steve Zisk who logged in data the past 6 months and created the maps, Marleen Bacon (Board of Health) explained about the records, and Ralph Dudley an advisor on the language of the well test data. Final report and recommendations will be provided next month. There are twice the number of households on private wells that use Town water. We have negotiated with a lab for the first 50 residents to respond to have their water tested for a reduced fee, Sat the 5th of April (see handout). If there is a bigger response, it will be done another day. Met and briefed Sen Moore and he thought it was a good idea to get an intern from Clark University, to assist. No requirement to give this data to the Board of Health or requirement for permits until 1987. When someone buys a home, some banks do not require wells be tested, only those that comply with Title IV. Roughly 1,300 people have wells and there is no record of what’s out there.
Steve Zisk It’s more of an awareness program, have the data base set up to go to the GIS System, work with the Board of Health and update as new wells come in from 2007. Put into table format, linked with the GIS information and was able to create the graphics and hopefully continue to be collected.
Discussion: A way to get these valuable tips out to the general public, get the school kids involved, in the Town mailer and/or census form.
Mike Hughes On behalf of the Board thanked them for a great job and to keep updated.
Consensus of the Board: In support of Town Engineer Bill Cundiff to attend March 20th and apply for grants by April 1st, from the DEP “Clean Waters Act”, to control certain sources of pollution to investigate the amount of funds available for the community.

2. Select Printer for Annual Report (Handout): Mike Guzinski Thanked Suzanne for all the work done. Received 3 quotes, recommend the Board award the bid to Alphagraphics, second to lowest bidder, more local. Mitch Cohen No need to come before the Board to choose a vendor, an item that’s already been approved as part of the budget. Mike Guzinski Historically the Board has always done this, however most items if under $5,000 doesn’t require under procurement laws, a formal contract and need to be approved by the Board.
Motion- Scott Medeiros Let Mike (Guzinski) and Suzanne (Kane) decide who to use. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

3. Open Warrants-Special Town Meeting & Annual Town Meeting: Mike Guzinski recommend the Board open the Warrants for the Annual and Special Town Meetings to be held Monday, May 5, 2008, and further recommend the Board vote to close the Warrant for those meetings effective Friday, March 28, 2008. First draft will be available on March 18th.
Motion- Scott Medeiros So moved. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All – aye.

4. Minutes: June 18, 2007 Motion- Mitch Cohen Accept the minutes of June 18, 2007 as presented. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

5. Administrator’s Report: Mike Guzinski
- Water / Sewer Discussions Update: Received a scope of work from Beta Group requested by the Commission for a feasibility study to provide sewer service to economic opportunity areas within the Town of Douglas. The Commission is reviewing that and requested a scope of the same type of study for water service from Fay, Spofford & Thorndike. When that comes in will be forwarded to the Board. Following recommendations from the board will look at water and sewer extensions and the work involved in doing that.

6. Old / New Business:
Old Paula Brouillette
(Handout/Article out of the Globe) Basically stating the Appellate Tax Board has now issued a ruling that utility poles and wires, not home owners, as was discussed, are now taxable. Recommend holding in Assessors Reserve Account, possibility it could be reversed on appeal. Mike G Contacted Sen Moore’s office, no numbers available yet but will get back with the effect on the Town of Douglas as far as revenue implications.
Mike Guzinski-Keyless Entry System: Hardware has been installed, will have a period of about a month to have the new & old systems working. Hope to have new keys and training within a week.
New None

7. Executive Session: Motion- John Bombara to enter into Executive Session at 7:45 pm for the purposes of Collective Bargaining and Real Estate Acquisition and to leave Executive session for the purposes of adjournment. Seconded- Scott Medeiros. Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen – aye, Paula Brouillette – aye, Mike Hughes – aye, John Bombara – aye, Scott Medeiros – aye.

Motion- Mitch Cohen To come out of Executive Session at 10:07 pm for the purposes of adjournment. Seconded- John Bombara. Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen – aye, Paula Brouillette – aye, Mike Hughes – aye, John Bombara – aye, Scott Medeiros – aye.

8. Adjournment: Motion- Mitch Cohen made a motion at 10:08 pm to adjourn. Seconded- Scott Medeiros. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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