BOS - March 25, 2008 Budget Workshop

BOS - March 25, 2008 Budget Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
Budget Workshop Minutes
March 25, 2008
Approved October 7, 2008

• Call to Order:

Chairman Michael Hughes called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm. In attendance: John Bombara, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens: Pauline Gavlack and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

• Warrants:
Michael Guzinski emailed the Board the draft warrants for the Special and Annual Town Meeting. (attached to the minutes) Mr. Guzinski went through the Town Meeting Warrants. Discussion ensued on the Capital Plan and funding sources. Discussion on the time line Capital uses to present their plan to the Finance Committee and the Board of Selectmen. Consensus to meet with the Capital Committee, Water/Sewer, Town Engineer, and the Fire Chief on April 1st to go over the capital requests. Mitch Cohen went over the Open Government Bylaw. Concerning Article 21 – Amendment to Administration and Finance Bylaw defining the removal of appointed members of a Board/Committee, the Board felt it was too broad. Consensus to remove Article 21 for further discussion. Michael Guzinski then went over the “FY09 Suggested Timelines” handout.

• Proposed FY09 Budget:
Michael Guzinski went over the Government’s proposal for State Aid. He then went over the proposed fire study and discussion ensued. John Bombara made a motion to cut the Building Inspectors hours down to 20 hours a week effective immediately. Scott Medeiros seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. Michael Hughes suggested Michael Guzinski supply any data supporting the need to leave the Building Inspectors hours as is or reducing the hours for their meeting on April 1st. Discussion continued. Consensus to have Michael Guzinski supply revenue data and the financial impact for the Building Department for their meeting on April 1st. John Bombara stated he will reconsider his motion but will also be asking to eliminate the Town Engineer’s position and requests information from Michael Guzinski on that position as well. Discussion about if there is enough time for Michael Guzinski to do the research. Mitch Cohen made a motion to provide Michael Guzinski with no recommendation regarding the Town Engineer in regards to the next meeting. Paul Brouillette seconded the motion. Discussion continued. Consensus of the Board to allow Michael Hughes to work with Michael Guzinski on a timeline. Mitch Cohen withdrew his motion.

• Adjournment:
John Bombara made a motion at 8:47 pm to adjourn. Scott Medeiros seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully Submitted;

Suzanne Kane
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Suzanne Kane
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