Minutes of May 24, 2018 Historic Commission Meeting

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Minutes of May 24, 2018 Historic Commission Meeting

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
May 24, 2018

Committee Members Attending:
David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Betsy Youngsma
Rebecca Lavallee

09:05am meeting called to order

David gave update on historic district. One working sessions finished and will work again in early June for final in mid-June. David will contact the Uxbridge historical commission, as they have been working on their own district – to discuss potential pitfalls in case of pushback. Sue Perkins has given us the original files for the historic district. Now housed in our filing cabinet in the town hall.

Rebecca has the Coppolla collection just about complete. It’s in 12 archival boxes, 18 binders, and 3 oversized boxes. Discussed displaying from time to time either at the library or the historical society, maybe in conjunction with their ‘rotating displays.’ Perhaps digitally on Facebook as well.

First on our list for town properties to ‘save’ should be the Central School, per Rebecca. Also discussed the brown house next door coming down. Look into salvaging ‘parts’ to potentially use for fundraising for historic society.

The historic society is cleaning out the upstairs and they are assessing which items to keep vs. divest of.

Betsy is now on the cemetery commission as well. She would like to get all the cemeteries names – likely using the predominant name of the family buried there. Rebecca suggested a town cleanup day where each could have a portion of the cemetery to mow, remove trash, etc.

Discussed various groups in town who need volunteer hours: boy scouts, seniors in Douglas high school, those being confirmed by the Catholic church. When the time comes, we are to reach out to them.

Still looking at doing a downtown walking our. Rebecca provided digital document for walking tour of downtown to start from.


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