Minutes of Feb 1, 2019 Historical Commission meeting

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Minutes of Feb 1, 2019 Historical Commission meeting

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Minutes of Feb 1, 2019 Historical Commission meeting

David Kmetz
Betsy Youngsma
Dawn Fontaine

Called to Order: 9:11AM

Accepted minutes of Oct 23, 2018 meting.

David is working on the historic district and is re-shooting photos of some buildings, as all in GIS do not show full scope of the bigger buildings.
Removed house at 6 Mechanic Street, which recently came down.

There are Preservation Awards upcoming, which are due Feb 19 and March 22. Matching funds.

Since grammar school and VFW (old Center School) were toured, we'd like to set up a group tour of the old fire station to see about re-use project. Will do as short term set up rather than in advance since many schedules are in flux.

David submitted the Annual Report.

The empty lot in front of the Transfer Station has been sold to a developer (privately owned) and there are a few possibilities of light industrial or commercial end uses.

We have $4,900 in funds now. It's unlikely that we will need all for a consultant to do the historic district but we will see if needed and if funds need to be taken back, and we subsequently find a need for funds, we will ask again at that time.

David will share contact info with Dawn for the MHC.

David to contact someone in Uxbridge - possibly Mike Potaski - to see about their process for converting the Blanchard School into housing. This could be an excellent case study for the grammar school or other buildings in town to re-use. Discussed Hayward Landing and how they got it designated as a historic building first and took advantage of matching and preservation funds.

Betsy is on the cemetery committee. Not much going on this time of year but will keep in mind to dovetail efforts.

Discussed Dawn's work with historic clothing collection at historic society and Rebecca's cataloging of various collections from historic society at the library.

Discussed possibly recruiting new members, although we should have an odd number (we are at 5 now) so we should try to recruit two rather than one.

Adjourned: 9:42am
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