Minutes of June 28, 2019 Historical Commission meeting

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Minutes of June 28, 2019 Historical Commission meeting

Postby DawnF » Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:40 pm

David Kmetz
Betsy Youngsma
Dawn Fontaine
Rebecca Lavallee
Sean Aldrich

Called to Order: 9:15AM

Accepted minutes of Feb 1, 2019 meting.

David expects to have historic district files completed by August. He re-took photos of a few properties. Once completed, he will give on thumb drive to Dawn to put in order.

Discussed preservation of various buildings in town: VFW, Grammar School, fire station. Look to see if library project is accepted and use as a case in point. We will need to go before the Capital Improvement Committee once we have a project in mind.

Dawn to look into North School in Bellingham project to turn into apartments (very similar to grammar school). David to check on Blanchard School project in Uxbridge - Betsy recommended Mike Potaski who would know a lot. David also to check with Alternatives now Blue Sky to see if they are looking for a site.

David will get us on the Selectmen's agenda to discuss how we can coordinate a project.

Discussed work on cemetaries.

Each meeting Dawn is to give an update on the Historical Society. Coppolla collection housed at the library since that was to be shared between the society and the library.

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