Minutes of March 10, 2020 Historic Commission Meeting

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Minutes of March 10, 2020 Historic Commission Meeting

Postby DawnF » Tue Mar 10, 2020 3:56 pm

David Kmetz
Betsy Youngsma
Dawn Fontaine
Rebecca Lavallee
Sarah Guimond

Called to Order: 9:12AM

Accepted minutes of June 28, 2019 meting.

Sean Aldrich has resigned since he has moved to Tucson, Arizona.

Sarah Guimond was welcomed as a new member. She has experience with MACRIS and the Eternal Residents of Pine Grove Cemetary.

Betsy Youngsma was voted in as VP.

Historic District updates. David shared a thumb drive since files are not 'cooperating' to have the image at a proper size and in the Word document format that the Massachusetts Historical Commission requires. David, Dawn, and Becki to see about working on an off-site meeting and/or from home to get the files up to date. Since the library would be in this district and they are considering historic property grants, there is some urgency to this.

The group voted to return the $4,900 budget that the historical commission had and was earmarked for use for a consultant to help submit this district. Since we should not need this consultant and the funds cannot be used elsewhere, the monies were returned to the town budget.

David identified some of the historic properties we have lost in recent months;
- Mechanic Street
- 40 Depot Street - part of multi-family that we agreed to partial demo while keeping facade.
- Two barns on Locust Street.

Dawn suggested reaching out to an architectural salvage company if it came down to tearing down a property. Some are listed in the back of Antique Homes magazine.

Discussed old fire station but did not see any good way to save it. Perhaps salvage again.

David will talk to company who preseved Crown + Eagle and Blanchard School in Uxbridge to see about rehab ideas.

Discussed taking the historic district forms and creating into a book like the Belding Book (or perhaps combing with Lucius March's book) and having it printed at the Harvard book store, which is inexpensive. Offer for sale at the historical society, Library, and/or town hall. Belding book is c. 1939 and earlier.

Kris Moran has a list of graves in (two?) cemetaries from her boys' Eagle Scout projects - she will share this with Becki.

Anthony Copolla's nephew came to the library and went through many of the archives with Becki. He has digitized the Coppolla book and will be on the library's website soon.

The Mass DoT has contacted us about paving on route 146 since it is close to the historic district. This is just highway so no need to review.

Next meeting to be held Tuesday April 14 at 9am.

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