Minutes of May 1, 2014 meeting

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Minutes of May 1, 2014 meeting

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
May 1, 2014

David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Sean Aldrich
Debby Heinz
Susan Perkins

9:10 AM meeting called to order

Mailing from Mass History Conference shows event on June 2 (9a-4p) on Women at Work in Massachusetts for those interested in attending. Located at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester.

All members are strongly focused on completing B forms for the downtown Historic District. David is just about finished with the narrative portion of the forms. He will continue to do that and fill in missing information – especially roofing materials are missing from many forms.

Buildings that are non-contributory will be labeled as such and very basic information will be included on the B forms for these properties.

Next step once all is together is for David to burn the copies onto a CD (with a few copies) to give to the consultant to see if all is in order and then to submit to the MHC.

Key properties to call out are 9 Cook St (was an Axe Mill office and unique to the town), the library, Masonic Hall and Mumford River Lodge, along with several others.

David inquired as to the status of the sawmill at Route 16 and Cedar/Wallis streets. Sue believes the building is vacant and that the owner but that it is being monitored and maintained.

Chamberlain Mill in W Woodstock, CT has received a grant to do a restoration project. It was discussed that perhaps we could see what they have done and see if we can use similar strategies to preserve this sawmill and perhaps other buildings in town.

The local election is May 5 and after that the committees automatically reorganize so we will look at reorganizing at that time. Next meeting date was selected.


Next Meeting:
Thurs June 19 at 9AM
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