Minutes of June 19, 2014 Meeting

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Minutes of June 19, 2014 Meeting

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
June 19, 2014

David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Sean Aldrich
Susan Perkins
Sue Gagnon

Debby Heinz
Christopher Menn

9:10 AM meeting called to order

The group reviewed and accepted minutes of the May 1, 2014 meeting. Sue Gagnon is attending to possibly become a member of the committee.

David has the last part of the B forms to complete the downtown Historic District. He explained the necessity of the district and what that gains the town as well as what some of the misconceptions are possible.

David has sent email to the Chamberlin Mill in W. Woodstock, CT regarding the old saw mill restoration.

There are about four streets left in town to complete the remainder of the information on the B forms: Wixtead Court, Prescott Court, Gilboa St and Depot St. David will forward the emails Debby previously gave him to us so we can divide the remainder up amongst ourselves and try to complete the forms by the end of the summer.

Sue Perkins will forward to the group the directive from the town for open meetings – the checklist to make sure all procedures are following.

New officers and appointments were voted on as follows:

Debby Heinz – Chairman
Sean Aldrich – Vice Chairman
David Kmetz – Treasurer
Dawn Fontaine - Secretary


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