Minutes of Sept 5, 2014 Historic Commission Meeting

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Minutes of Sept 5, 2014 Historic Commission Meeting

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
September 5, 2014

Committee Members Attendending:
David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine

Non-Committee Members Attending:
Susan Perkins
Sue Gagnon

Debby Heinz
Christopher Menn
Sean Aldrich

9:10 AM meeting called to order

The group reviewed and accepted minutes of the June 19, 2014 meeting.

David has completed about 85% of the B forms. Main Street (297-355), Cottage St, Cummings Court and Cook St. are all included in this. Prescott Street and others are still to be done.

David will work with Bill Cundiff to get a large (18” x 24” or so) map of the downtown historic district. This will allow us to mark off those properties that are complete. It was suggested that perhaps Debby could take over that part and David could forward Word doc B forms to her to mark as complete.

We will also start the process for hiring a consultant to review the submission to the MHC. David will talk to the MHC as well as Gina Betti. Sue Perkins will talk to John Belding to see if he is interested as well. Any potential consultants will need to supply a quote so that we can submit to the Town Treasurer to release funds ($4,900 is held aside for us).


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