Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting - Oct 17, 2017

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting - Oct 17, 2017

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Minutes of Historic Commission Meeting
October 17, 2017

Committee Members Attending:
David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Betsy Youngsma
Rebecca Lavallee

6:10PM meeting called to order

David gave update on historic district. It is 70% complete and he will target end of October to complete the documents for the remaining properties.

Betsy and Becki are looking for the original Belding books with a history of the town, which were published in 1989. Sue Perkins asked John Belding who said to check with John Petraglia. Betsy has not heard from John P. David will ask Mr. Pegralia about the status.

Ron Barron from the Central Mass Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) met with us to discuss the economic development strategy he is working on for the town. He is doing an asset inventory and inquired about parcels that are import to the town from a historic perspective. These could be a priority or preservation or for an adaptive re-use. The Commission members suggested the following properties:

- elementary school
- Masomic hall
- Douglas Center school
- Pastime club (belongs to Boy Scouts)
- Jenckes store
- Elmwood Club
- Lovett Building
- Multiple cemeteries for which Betsy has an inventory
• There are also properties in the heritage corridor walking tour, including:
o Baker store building at 318-320 main Street
o East Douglas Hotel
o 296 Main St – Rogerson hotel
o Hunt House
o Wixtead Building
o Bachelor House
o Balcom Block
o Haywood Landing
- Sokol Hall
- Two saw mills in town
- Methodist church from early 1900s

MHC-MACRIS.net website should be able to help Ron with mapping all of these sites.
Also mentioned that there were ice houses on Wallum Lake. Ron asked about events in town. The following were listed:
- lighting of town common
- Octoberfest
- Memorial Day parade
- Farmer’s Market May to Oct
- VFW has events
- Sokol hall’s public building has events
- Camp Meeting Grounds (which Valley Chapel owns) is interesting site

We will continue to try to coordinate with Historic Society and other preservation groups in town. Historic Society is moving all paper items that are part of the Coppolla Collection to the library for safekeeping. They are hoping this to be done by the end of year.

There is also a large baseball collection donated by Clarence Gagne. Sixty players from the Baseball Hall of Fame have played in Douglas (either on the mill town team or as part of the opposing team). Could be excellent way to get children interested in historic topics.

6:59 PM

Next Meeting:
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