Minutes of Feb 26, 2018 meeting

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Minutes of Feb 26, 2018 meeting

Postby DawnF » Thu May 24, 2018 2:00 pm

Committee Members Attending:
David Kmetz
Dawn Fontaine
Betsy Youngsma

6:10PM meeting called to order

David gave update on historic district. He has been moving completed files onto a flash drive. Dawn to have a working session with David to complete the remaining forms. Process should be complete within the month.

Keep Bill Cundiff in the loop on where the inventory stands. We will eventually notify homeowners when the process is further along. David has “there’s a difference” handout that we can use for terminology to understand the (non) restrictions of this district. Dawn also to post to We are Dynamic Douglas Facebook page, once the time comes. Davis will also contact one of his contacts at the MHC to let them know this is coming.

There is a Mass Preservation Projects Fund (MPPF) that is having their 40th annual preservation award with a deadline of March 23. It’s too early for this year, but discussed some possibilities for next year: the supplemental fire station, Masonic Hall on Depot Street, saw mill on route 16, library ‘parts.’

Rebecca is working archiving on the Coppolla Collection, which is held at the libarary. This is about 75% done and she will likely move to the Gagne collection of baseball memorabilia, once complete.

Discussed cemetaries. Betsy has a map of the 26 cemetaries in the town. Discussed doing a plaque-ing campaign. This would involve a short history of the cemetery on a metal (or similar) plaque. The town of Douglas currently does NOT have zoning laws related to cemeteries and this is a concern. Look into what other towns have done, such as Burrillville, Grafton Uxbridge – as well as what the state recommends. Some larger cemeteries do not need the plaques.

Belding book is still missing and need to get the original copy from the person who has in hand.

6:45 PM

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, April 25 - time TBD 9AM or 6PM
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