BOS - April 29, 2003 Workshop

BOS - April 29, 2003 Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
Warrant Article Workshop
April 29, 2003
Approved July 29, 2003

1. Call to order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Shirley Mosczynski stated the purpose of this meeting is to look at and review the articles for the Town Warrant. Ken Mahony stated that Articles 1. Acceptance of Finance Committee Report, Article 2. FY04 Budget, Article 3. Elected Officials, Article 4. FY04 Transfer Station Enterprise Fund, and Article 5. FY04 Water / Sewer Enterprise Fund; are standard boiler plate and will be handled on June 23rd. Rich Preston pointed out a typo error in Article 1. Ken Mahony stated he will write the motions, and added that items can be added to the warrant up until June 9th. The Selectmen have a meeting scheduled for June 3rd.
• Article 6 – Personnel Bylaw Classification & Update:
Paula Brouillette asked how things are within the union. Ken Mahony stated he feels it’s not necessary to ask; he said Connie Verge declines to ask her union so he does not feel he can ask the Police. Rich Preston asked when union negotiations start. Ken Mahony answered in the fall; he said Connie Verge asked him to be on the negotiation committee. Paula Brouillette stated they keep deferring the decision on cutting salaries and it is going to get them into trouble. Ken Mahony feels it’s easier to do it during the negotiations; calling it “impact bargaining”. He said if the Board wishes he will call the school and ask “hard on”. Rich Preston wanted to know what percentage of employees would get a COLA in the Personnel Classification. Ken Mahony stated 15%. Shirley Mosczynski asked what the total is if they gave a COLA to non union people; asking if it’s 39 to 40 people. Ken Mahony answered in the affirmative. Ron Forget stated that if you go with the status quo; then next year, people will vote for a tax increase; he sees strength in numbers and doesn’t think they should fall into that. Rich Preston stated the time to start knocking down the increases is during the negotiations; School in the summer and Police in the fall. Paula Brouillette stated her disappointment with the Personnel Committee and their handling of this; they shouldn’t give 5% just because someone else gets 5%. She explained that Sutton is planning a long term solution and Douglas should do the same. Shirley Mosczynski reminded the Board that the Personnel Committee had let the Selectmen know that the Selectmen had given a 7.5% increase last year. Rich Preston stated there was a reason the contracts were done the way they were; to attract and keep good people here. Ron Forget made a motion to give all non union employees a 5% COLA. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. Paula Brouillette objected. All other members –aye.
• Article 7. Recurring Business: Rich Preston thought that 53E accounts did not need to be approved every year and asked for clarification.
• Article 8. School Department – Medicaid: Ken Mahony stated that there are administrative costs in Schedule 19. Some cost is absorbed on the Municipal side. The Board agreed that it should be looked into.
• Article 9. Adoption of Revised FY04-09 Capital Improvement Plan: Ken Mahony stated he had a meeting with Capital Improvement Chair Mitch Cohen Friday morning.
• Article 10. E.O.A. Application: Paula Brouillette asked whose article this is. Ken Mahony stated it is the Selectmen’s.
• Article 11. Ranger T.I.F.: Paula Brouillette asked whose article this is. Ken Mahony stated it is the Selectmen’s. This article was approved by the Board.
• Article 12. Camar T.I.G.: Paula Brouillette asked whose article this is. Ken Mahony stated it is the Selectmen’s. This article was approved by the Board.
• Article 13. Mass Electric Easement: Paula Brouillette asked whose article this is. Ken Mahony stated it is the Selectmen’s. Rich Preston stated he would like visual aids for these articles for presentation at the Town Meeting.
• Article 14. Douglas Land Corp.: Rich Preston asked for a quick, bulleted history on this item for presentation at the Town Meeting.
• Article 15. Senior Work-off Program Increase: Ken Mahony stated this article is from the Assessors. They are not sure if they must give the program participants a 1099; which may be more trouble then it’s worth. They should have additional information by Tuesday.
• Article 16. Elderly-Clause 41C Exemption Options: Ken Mahony stated this article is from the Assessors.
• Article 17. Wetland Bylaw: Shirley Mosczynski stated that she did not get a copy of the Wetland Bylaw after Kopelman and Paige looked at it. Ken Mahony stated the Conservation Commission has it. He will have it on file with the Town Clerk. Rich Preston asked if it is supposed to be in the Warrant. Ken Mahony stated that it did not. Shirley Mosczynski asked Mr. Mahony to make sure. Paula Brouillette sided for having it included in the warrant by saying that the only thing the residents will have to go on is what is being voted. Shirley Mosczynski again asked that Mr. Mahony verify that the Bylaw does not have to be included in the warrant. Rich Preston asked if any of it will be available at the Town Meeting. Ken Mahony stated it can be.
• Article 18. Hobby/Kennel Bylaw Change: Ken Mahony stated this article came from the Animal Control Officer and the Town Clerk.
• Article 19. Kennel License Bylaw Change: Ken Mahony stated this article came from the Animal Control Officer and the Town Clerk.
• Article 20. Oak Street – Scenic Road: Shirley Mosczynski stated that this article came from Lisa Mosczynski.
• Article 21. Tucker Landing: Ken Mahony stated this article belongs to the Selectmen.
• Article 22. Gift of Land – Parcel 107-4: Ken Mahony stated that he does not have the title search completed yet. Ron Forget stated he would like to see the acreage. Shirley Mosczynski asked about a 21E. Ron Forget suggested Mr. Mahony find out where the spill is.
• Article 23. Accept G.L. Fire Department: Ken Mahony stated this is from the Fire Department and it should have been accepted a long time ago.
• Article 24. Fire Department Accept G.L. Authority: Ken Mahony passed out a letter of Understanding concerning Fire Chief Donald Gonynor and his appointment. Ron Forget stated that he had a problem with the “just cause” part of the memo, stating you can never prove just cause. Rich Preston stated that in the Police Chiefs contract there is no “just cause”. He recommends a three year appointment along with the memo of understanding outlining his roles and responsibilities and not including the “just cause”. Shirley Mosczynski asked if Town Counsel has looked at the memo. Ken Mahony stated they have. Then Ken Mahony stated that “just cause” is in the Police Chiefs contract. Edward Therrien made a motion to change the appointment of the Fire Chief from one year to three years. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye. Consensus of the Board to go over the Memo of Understanding later. Ken Mahony commended Fire Chief Don Gonynor for a great job.
• Article 25. Bylaw Change Police Department-Loitering, Article 26. Bylaw Change Police Department Obstructing Visibility, Article 27. Bylaw Change Police Department Public Drinking, Article 28 Police Department Bylaw Deletion, Article 29 Bylaw Change Police Department – Inconsistency Penalty / Fines, and Article 30 Bylaw Change Police Department Parade Permit:
This are all police articles as a result of a request from the Selectmen for review of the General Bylaws. Ron Forget would like to know what it costs the Town in court fees when someone is fined.
• Article 31. Planning Board & Engineering – G.L. 44, §53E, Article 32; Conservation – G.L. 44, §53E, and Article 33. Z.B.A. - G.L. 44, §53E: Ron Forget asked how they are to know if this is a revenue generating situation. Rich Preston stated it’s an estimation and you hope it’s not abused. Ron Forget expressed concern that it will be used as a delay tactic. Paula Brouillette asked if there is a fee schedule. Ken Mahony stated it’s based on cost. Town Accountant Rich Mathieu is currently working on the fee schedules. Rich Preston thought the 53E was only for administrative fees, the article is worded to collect for all services. Ken Mahony will call Town Counsel on this. Rich Preston stated they need to be exact as to what goes into these articles.
• Article 34 Bylaw Change Annual Town Meeting: Rich Preston asked to change the wording on this article as follows: To see if the Town will vote to require the Annual Town Meeting to be electronically recorded for future broadcast on Douglas Cable Access, or to take any other action relative thereto.
• Article 35. Capital Improvement Committee Bylaw Change: This was submitted by Mitch Cohen.

Other Business:
• Gilford Sign:
Ken Mahony explained that Gilford Industries was denied a sign permit for non conformity. There is no appeal process in the Bylaws. Adelle Reynolds would like the Board of Selectmen to act as the Appeal Board. There was a consensus from the Board to meet with the representative of Gilford Industries.
• Blackstone Valley Vocational High School (Valley Tech.): Paula Brouillette stated that Douglas has always paid over net school spending for Valley Tech. Valley Tech is over 30% at this point and they are trying to budget the schools at 5% over net school spending. She feels the Board should direct Ken Mahony to talk to the other communities. Ken Mahony stated that it takes 9 communities to pass the budget, if they can get 5 communities to say no; their budget will not pass.

2. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 9:30 pm. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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