BOS - October 23, 2001 - Rescheduled Oct. 30

BOS - October 23, 2001 - Rescheduled Oct. 30

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Moved to October 30, 2001
October 23, 2001

Approval of Minutes—
September 25, 2001 Regular Meeting
September 25, 2001 Executive Session
October 9, 2001 Regular Meeting
October 9, 2001 Executive Session
These minutes have been reviewed and corrected as necessary by your Interim Executive Administrator, and are ready for Board Approval.

Public Hearing- Petition for Pole and Wire Locations No. D01-77
There is enclosed in your agenda book a request to place one telephone pole and bracing on Church Street. This pole and bracing is needed to serve the new cell tower. All pertinent Town departments were noticed, and the only comment received is that Church Street is a Scenic Road covered by the Town’s Scenic Roads Bylaw. Therefore, a separate application must be made to and hearing be held by the Planning Board concerning the proposed pole and wire locations.

If agreeable to the Board, the following motion can be acted upon: Moved to approve Mass. Electric Co.’s Petition for Pole and Wire Locations No. D01-77, subject to the applicant applying to the Planning Board under the Town’s Scenic Roads Bylaw and receiving either a determination that the proposed activities either do no require a special permit from the Planning Board, or a decision by the Planning Board, with or without conditions, approving the proposed work along a scenic road.

Public Hearing-Transfer of License for Storage of Flammable Materials-Family Convenience Center

Public Hearing-Transfer of Alcoholic Beverages License for a Package Store (Wine and Malt Beverages only)-Douglas Convenience Center, Inc.
Ray B. Whitehead of Acton, MA has applied to transfer the Alcoholic Beverages License from Roland Forcier to his business, Douglas Convenience Center, Inc. Mr. Whitehead has entered into a lease agreement with Roland Forcier to operate the business currently called the Family Convenience Center. A copy of the lease agreement is in your agenda books. Part of the business is the operation of a Package Store for wine and malt beverages only, which requires the issuance of a license from the Board of Selectmen, and approval of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC).
This public hearing was advertised, as required by the statutes, and all relevant Town Departments were noticed. No negative comments or concerns have been received. Processing of this license transfer and all Alcoholic Beverages Licenses must be handled carefully to comply with all ABCC requirements. It should be noted that Mr. Whitehead was very cooperative in providing all of the required information, and everything appears to be in order.
Unless the Board has any reservations about the transfer of this license, the following motion would be in order: Move to approve the transfer of the Alcoholic Beverages License for a Package Store (Wine and Malt Beverages only) at 63 Main Street to Douglas Convenience Center, Inc., Ray B. Whitehead, Manager.

Approval of Initial Agreement—Community Development Plan
To follow-up on the Rural Development Council’s presentation last month, I was asked to find out what the Town has to do to obtain the $30,000 planning grant that it is entitled to receive from the Mass. Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Ann Whittaker, the DHCD staffer who attended the Common Threads meeting last month, advises that the first step is for the Town to fill in, approve, and submit the Community Development Plan: Initial Agreement (in your agenda books) to the Regional Planning Commission. This will not commit the Town to using the Regional Planning Agency to do the planning studies. The Town is free to use any of the Planning Consultants on the DHCD’s approved list. However, the Regional Planning Agency is under contract with DHCD to administer the program, so all the paperwork has to go through them.
So, to start the process to receive the $30,000 in planning assistance funds, the Board should vote the following motion: Move to approve the Community Development Plan: Initial Agreement between the Town of Douglas and the Central Mass. Regional Planning Commission, and to authorize the Board’s Chairman (or in his absence, another designee) to sign the Initial Agreement on behalf of the Board.

A. Veterans Services Director
Allen Miliefsky’s last day on the job as Veterans Agent for Douglas, Uxbridge, and Northbridge was a couple of weeks ago, so the Towns are currently without a Veterans Agent. The position was advertised with the result that only four persons applied for it. One of the applicants was from Douglas, but he withdrew because the salary was too low for him. Two of the remaining applicants also withdrew. So when the Administrators of the three Towns met in Northbridge to interview the candidates, there was only one candidate remaining to interview.
Fortunately, the remaining candidate, Arnold “Arnie” Korenblum, is more than qualified for the position and is willing to accept it. In addition to his military service record, he worked for Apollo Computers and Data General for many years. As you will see, he has been active and in leadership positions in Veterans organizations. While he will have to commute to the office at Uxbridge Town Hall and learn about the 3 towns, he indicated his willingness to meet with all the veterans groups in the 3-Town district during evening hours if necessary.
Given the lack of other candidates and the need to fill the vacant position, the Administrators of the 3 towns agreed to put forward Mr. Korenblum’s appointment at their respective meetings this week. Northbridge and Uxbridge has already confirmed the appointment of Mr. Korenblum at their Selectmen’s meetings last week. To follow through on that commitment to the other two towns, I am recommending the appointment of Arnold Korenblum for the position of Director of Veterans’ Services for the Town of Douglas. It is anticipated that Arnie Korenblum will be present at your meeting to introduce himself to the Board.

B. Library Building Committee
The Board of Library Trustees is requesting that the Selectmen approve the appointment of Tim Cox to the Library Building Committee.

State Acquisition of a Parcel of Land in Douglas-Waiver of 120 Day Notice Period
The Town received note from the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) that the State is proposing to acquire a property of less than ½ acre of land on Wallum Lake. While the map attached to DEM’s letter indicates just one lot—No 26—to be purchased, the Assessor says that it actually two lots—Nos. 25 and 26—that are involved in the transaction. The Assessors’ property cards for the two lots (enclosed in your agenda books) show that the same person owns the two lots and that together they total the 18,700 square feet of land to be purchased as cited in DEM’s letter. The State is asking the Town to waive the 120 day notification period required by State regulations so they can proceed with the transaction.
Unless the Board has concerns about this proposed acquisition of property by the State, the following motion is recommended: Move to waive the 120 notice period as required by Code of Massachusetts Regulations Chapter 301, Section 50.0, et seq., as to a parcel of land of approximately 18,700 square feet in the Town of Douglas, which is being considered for acquisition by the Department of Environmental Management.

Application for Financial Assistance to Mass Development—Industrial Park Feasibility Study
The deadline for the receipt of proposals in response to the Town’s Request for
Proposals (RFP) for the Industrial Park Feasibility Study was last Monday. Two proposals were received from reputable development consultants. The Economic Development Commission met last Tuesday evening to begin to review the two proposals. They have set up an interview schedule to meet with the two teams of consultants.

With that process moving forward, action must be taken to secure the additional $25,000 from Mass Development to fully fund the feasibility study. A pre-application was already submitted by the Town and approved by Mass Development, but the full application needs to be submitted. Staff of Mass Development advised that they are fully aware of the Douglas project and it should be considered to be in the “pipeline”, and the full application is somewhat of a formality. They also advise that the full application should be accompanied by a strong letter of support and commitment to the project by the governing body.

Toward that end, I have drafted a letter of support for the Board of Selectmen to approve and sign. It will accompany the full application for the $25,000 no interest loan, which I will make every effort to finalize and submit before I leave the Town. The following motion is offered: Move to approve the submittal of a full application to Mass Development for financial assistance in the amount of $25,000 to conduct an Industrial Park Feasibility Study, and to sign the cover letter for such full application indicating the Town’s strong commitment to this effort.

Approval—Town Meeting Warrant for November 15, 2001 Special Town Meeting
There is enclosed in your agenda books a copy of the warrant for the Special Town Meeting on November 15th and backup materials on each of the warrant articles. You will note a few changes since your last meeting when the list of warrant articles was presented to the Board and the warrant was closed. First, the article to fund a Prior Year’s Bill has been eliminated. Due to the excellent detective work by Suzanne Kane, it has been determined that the Town actually does not owe that money to the firm in question. Secondly, the Board had asked to reserve a slot on the warrant for the Common Driveway Bylaw if it was forthcoming in time. However, I have not received the text of the Bylaw as of this writing, so it has been deleted from the warrant. Consequently, the warrant has been reduced to eight articles.
Relative to the last article concerning the proposed sight distance easement at West and Grove Streets, I do not have a dollar amount to insert into the article now. However, the appraiser is working on it, and has committed to have an appraised value of the easement before the Finance Committee meeting on November 5th. Therefore, I believe that warrant article can be approved at this time with the dollar amount to be approved by the Finance Committee as to a source of funds.
It is recommended that the Board vote: “To approve and sign the warrant for the November 15, 2001 Town Meeting.
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