BOS - January 9, 2001

BOS - January 9, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Meeting
January 9, 2001 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Tom Navaroli, Ron Forget, Rich Preston, Shirley Mosczynski arrived at 7:50 PM.

1. Call to order at 7:10 PM

2. Chairman’s Announcements - Skip

3. Pole Petition – North East Main Street
• Public Hearing opened at 7:10 PM
• Roger Martinsen was present. Needs to offset a pole on North East Mains Street from 3 ½ feet to 7 ½ feet from the road.
• Open to questions from the Board and the audience.
• Public Hearing was closed at 7:12 PM
Rich Preston motioned to approve the pole petition as presented seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

4. Community Preservation Maps Presentation
• Lynn Walsh, Steve Wallace and Ann Whittaker (Department of housing and Community Development) were present.
• Lynn Walsh
 Build-out analysis: Analyze possible community development and preservation according to the Community Development Act and Community Preservation Act.
 The initiative is to see where zoning is pushing growth in the town.
 Community Preservation Build-Out Analysis
• A community outreach addresses issues such as water quality, rebuilding and enhancements.
• Questions what you like and what you want to change regarding the community.
• Steve Wallace
 Presented a Build-out map which attempts to look at the community and what it would look like if the zoning was fully built out.
 Map shows land that is permanently protected and environmentally sensitive land, developable vs. non-developable land, and already built on land.
 If the town was fully built out, there is room to accommodate 16 thousand residents.
• Does the study include economic impact?
 It includes the amount of community and industrial “floor space” and water usage.
• The existing developed acreage was questioned.
 It can be found out.
• Community Development Plan connects and balances open space & recourse protection, transportation, economic development and housing.
• Community Preservation Act (passed recently) allows towns to pass a surcharge put on additional property tax and is put in a fund, which is applied toward historical preservation, affordable housing and open space.
 Calculation is based on 3% surcharge on property tax.
• For more info:
• Rich Preston requested a copy of the Community Preservation Act
• Tom Navaroli thanked all for coming and presenting the information and will make sure that the packets will be distributed to boards and committees.

5. Mass. Rural Development Council
• Tom Guerino – Director and Ann Whittaker – Clerk of Council was present.
• On January 26 and 27 the council will bring in a team of 8-12 people for a community visit exercise.
 Find a common vision to invigorate the down town area.
• Background of Rural Development Council
 Established in 1992.
 Represent 192 communities.
 Work to convene, facilitate, project, work and hold learning seminars.
 Not a grant making organization.
• Hope to listen to different groups giving their view of the town.
• Tom Navaroli questioned if there will be an agenda
 Yes, but it has not yet been created or dictated, it will be more of a timetable.
 There will be a tour of the community, walking discussion with business owners, break/dinner, slide show on historical perspective, speaker – discussion of what has been done in other communities, hopeful pot luck diner, report.
• Build-out maps are a good visual aid.
• This is more of a social event to give momentum and get people of the community involved.
• There is a media campaign being done (press release, posters, information packets, and cable access channel).

6. Minutes
Motion was made by Shirley Mosczynski to approve December 19, 2000 minutes as amended, seconded by Rich Preston. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

7. Public Relations Guidelines & Procedures – Postponed

8. Multi-Year Grant Application Plan
• This is an item that will take about three sessions.
• Beginning to assemble a multi-year calendar for a grand application plan.
• Need to prioritize effort with applying.
• We have a fair opportunity to have state fund (by grants) the 12” water mane replacement for the school project and improvements along Main Street, from Franklin to North Street.
• Rich Preston stated that there should be one key person to take care of this because it can be very time consuming.
• Board was asked to review the package by Norman MacNeill.
 Review, schedule to revisit, prioritize, take effort to go after the grants.
• There was discussion of developing a Grants Committee
 Receiving grants could help pay for salary if hires are needed.
• Rich Preston suggested that Grants should be a monthly and permanent agenda item for the second meeting of each month.
• January 23, 2001 – discussion of which grants we want to focus on and find a system (in-house) to set up a permanent process.

9. Class II Licenses – presented by Elizabeth Davis
• There were seven renewal applications.
• Dan Shurick has a balance with the Town Collector, but did not apply for renewal.
• Rich Preston questioned any issues with zoning
 The Building Inspector would address that issue in her report.
• As the licensing authority there is an opportunity to leverage for non-compliance with orders.
Ron Forget motioned to approve the Class II License renewals as submitted, seconded by Rich Preston. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

10. Executive Administrator Report
• Upcoming Agenda Items
 January 16
• Library Board of Trustees have been working with the Architect. They requested to come to the Board of Selectmen at a workshop for approval of Grants. Deadline for the Grant is January 17.
• Town Accountant is retiring. Her last effective date is March 1, 2001. We need to look at a plan for continuity, discuss what needs to be put in place of a town accountant, and need to find funding.
• Meet with Insurance Advisory Committee on the 23rd with recommendations.

11. New Business
• Rich Preston
 Still waiting for the camera to be installed. He contacted a higher power last week and was assured that someone would be here to install the camera.
• Shirley Mosczynski
 Questioned the recommendation from the Finance Team regarding the land purchase.
• Norm MacNeill stated that they have not met yet.
 Letter regarding gun control from a citizen’s group/Mr. Yacino. This should be addressed. A letter should be sent to Mr. Yacino and offer a fair hearing to formally address the board.
• Specifics should be put into a letter
• It is the Police Chief’s decision to set a policy because of his position.
 Tom Navaroli stated that it is the Police Chief’s decision to implement and enforce the policy.
 Shirley Mosczynski suggested working out a solution between the Chief and the citizens group.
 Workshop date: January 30, 2001

12. At 9:10 PM Shirley Mosczynski moved to go into Executive session for the purpose of discussion of Manchaug Road litigation with intent to adjourn, seconded by Rich Preston. Roll call: Tom Navaroli aye, Rich Preston aye, Shirley Mosczynski aye, Ron Forget aye.

13. Adjourn at 9:35

Respectfully Submitted,

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