BOS - January 23, 2001

BOS - January 23, 2001

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting
January 23, 2001 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Tom Navaroli, Shirley Mosczynski, Ron Forget and Rich Preston

1. Call to Order at 7:05 PM

2. Chairman’s Announcements

• Recognizing an award given to Douglas at 2001 MMA Annual Trade Show. Douglas received second place in the 1999 Annual Report Contest. Thanked Angela Ernenwein for her dedication to this project.
• Community Visit is Friday, January 26 at the Municipal Center and Saturday, January 27 at the Douglas Senior Center.

3. Request to Board of Assessors
• Norman MacNeill presented a request to transfer to the Overlay Reserve Account & Appropriation for land acquisition recommended by the Town Accountant.
Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the letter, seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

4. Road Acceptance Policy
• Policy requires the Planning Board to approve and sign a certificate of approval.
• There are eight items required before the acceptance is made.
• Rich Preston amended the language of the policy.
Ron Forget motioned to accept the policy as amended, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR
• Amended policy is included

5. Cable Advisory Meeting (Item Taken out of Order)
 Rich Preston, Shirley Mosczynski, Tom Navaroli, Ron Forget and Paul Crandal
• Subscriber/ Resident Survey
 Going through re-negotiation process with the Cable Company (Charter Communications)
 Paul Crandal went through sample surveys and gathered similar questions for a draft of a survey for Douglas.
 Shirley Mosczynski stated that the format is very user friendly.
 Get average amount of a resident cable bill from Charter Communication
 Tom Navaroli stated that Charter Communications offered to include the survey with the bills, but has heard much negative input about that.
 Tom Navaroli questioned if there is going to be a voter bulletin for the March 14th Special Town Meeting
• Yes, it can be mailed with the Voter Bulletins
• Use drop boxes around town.
 Thanked Paul Crandal for his work
• Need videotapes and the camera needs service.
• Rich Preston wrote a letter to the Regional Manager of Charter Communications.
 Technicians have come to install the camera but a 1” hole is needed in the concrete wall to finish the installation
• Next meeting of Cable Advisory Committee is February 20, 2001.

6. Interim Town Accounting Services
• Norman MacNeill recommended setting January 30, 2001 as a time to interview 2-3 candidates for the position.
• Consensus of the Board to hold a meeting on January 30 at 7:00 PM for interviews and discussion.
• We have no in-house staff to perform regular functions of the Town Accountant.

7. Grant Review/Discussion (continued from previous meeting)
• The purpose of the discussion is for staff to get an idea of the boards interest to identify the level of effort involved for application to prioritize.
• Look back at the need in broad categories – specific items/needs.
• Tom Navaroli – Economic Development will have the biggest impact. Looking to reduce residential tax rate.
• Rich Preston – Economic Development
• Shirley Mosczynski – Public Works because of the upcoming water and sewer project. Economic Development
• Ron Forget – Economic Development
• Rich Preston recommended inviting Mass. Electric in to a meeting to discuss underground utility lines.
• Economic Development requested to meet with the Board on their next meeting.
• A level of effort and a timeline will be put together for grants within interest areas for Economic Development and Public Works.
• Looking to start a grants committee. Grants Committee: Challenge a group of interested people with non-prioritized grants that are available. This committee is not to be a decision-making committee, but more of a facilitator.
• Norman MacNeill will come back on February 20th for Grant Review.

8. Classification of Position
• Discussion of some positions that were not part of the classification study.
• Town Administrator was not part of the study.
• Tom Navaroli expected that anyone who is included in town payroll would be included in the study.
• Discussion regarding jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen and Personnel Board with the classification of the Executive Administrator’s position.
• The job description should be re-evaluated.
• Shirley Mosczynski wants time to review as the information had just been received.
Consensus to table the issue for review of the information on March 20th.

9. Executive Administrator’s Report• Memo regarding MORE results
 Rates are as competitive with broker.
 Recommended passing over using MORE for insurance at this time.
• Community Visit Update (Angela Ernenwein)
 Have the security and bus/van.
 Ron Forget, Shirley Mosczynski and Police Chief will be present on tours.
 Working on final details.
 Need housing placement of two individuals for Friday night.

10. New Business
• Ron Forget
 Letter to Dennis Rice from the Board of Selectmen regarding the Building along the Mumford River (behind Hayward Landing).
 Norman MacNeill stated that he had re-communicate a level of interest since the building had not been sold.
• Rich Preston
 Presented a memo to the Board regarding unused space in the old Town Hall on the second floor. There are discarded building materials and documents up there.
 There is limited Municipal use without an elevator or lift.
 Discussion about Rick Colonero using the area as an office. Norm prefers to have Rick at the Municipal Center.
 Agreed to have the area assessed and cleaned.
• Shirley Mosczynski
 Requested that minutes be a part of every agenda.
 Parking/traffic at Uxbridge Dunkin Donuts is causing a problem
• Norm MacNeill recommended that the Police Chief meet with Uxbridge Police Chief to find a solution.
 Recommended having a meeting with Town Accountant, Louise Redding. It was agreed to meet on February 6th.
• Tom Navaroli asked about the status of Grove Street.
 Buff Therrien is to get arborist information.

11. Adjourn
• Ron Forget motioned to adjourn at 10:20, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

Respectfully Submitted,

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