BOS - February 6, 2001

BOS - February 6, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Meeting
February 6, 2001 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Tom Navaroli, Ron Forget, Shirley Mosczynski, Rich Preston, Buff Therrien.

1. Call to Order at 7:12 PM

2. Chairman’s Announcements
• Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. on Saturday, February 24, 2001 from 10 AM – 6 PM at Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School. The cost is $2 for adults and free for children. For more information call 234-9090.

3. Louise Redding (item taken out of order)
• Town Accountant was present to share her recommendation with the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee.
• Referred to January 2, 2001 letter to the Board of Selectmen.
 Set a separate town meeting to transfer $507,859 (free cash) into stabilization fund.
• Rich Preston questioned the advantage to having one item instead of a warrant.
(a) Reduces the risk dramatically for money to be used for funding before it is transferred to the stabilization fund.
 Release of overlay fund sum for Board of Assessors necessary to pay for the approved land purchase of $250,000.
• Board of Assessors calculated a total overlay surplus of $233,690.91
• This needs to go to Town Meeting to be “cleaned up”.
 Lottery surplus of $79,330 which would act as free cash.
• Louise Redding stated that everything that would be coming to the Special Town Meeting, so far could be covered by this surplus lottery used as free cash ($79,330).
Shirley Mosczynski moved to have a Special Town Meeting for one article meeting to transfer free cash into stabilization fund on March 14, 2001, seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

4. Open 3/14 STM Warrant(s)• Rich Preston motioned to open the warrants for the March 14, 2001 Special Town Meeting, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR• Warrant article: “To see if the Town will vote to transfer from available funds (free cash) the sum of $507,859 to the stability fund or take any other action related there to.”
• Shirley Mosczynski motioned to close the warrant, seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR Finance Committee and the Finance Team recommended this in November.
• Tom Navaroli questioned the existing bond rate.
 Louise stated that it’s the highest rating given to a community of our size (“Mill Community”) and we want to maintain this.

5. Funding Plan for Land Acquisition
• Board of Selectmen requested a transfer from the overlay account.
• This item is subject to be a Special Town Meeting article.
• Louise Redding stated that it is very important that the motion be read to specify the funding, and not be “moved as written.”
• It is Finance Committee’s job to read the article and make a motion. By doing this, Finance Committee is more “experted” to watch for the wording of articles.
• The warrant articles can be broad, but make the motion specific.
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to open the second Special Town Meeting warrant for March 14, 2001, seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR• Pam Holmes, Finance Committee Chair, Dan Cooney from Finance Committee and Paula Brouillette from Finance Committee and Capital Planning were present.

6. Financial Advisor• Louise Redding and Sharon Brotherton met with a Financial Advisor this morning (February 6) to discuss 2002 principle and interest.

7. Department Budget Review
• Veterans – Allen Milefsky
 Looking to increase veteran’s budget from $2,700 to approximately $10,000.
 Veteran’s benefits budget has to be filled by the town, by law.
 The town will be reimbursed by the state 75%.
 Ron Forget questioned if the money that is reimbursed goes into the general fund.
• Yes
 Uxbridge budget for veteran’s services is $51,885. Northbridge is $37,855.
 The services were available but were not aggressively taken before.
• Fire
 Norm made cuts of approximately $3,700.
 Chief Gonyor gave a presentation of his budget.
 Chief Gonyor honored the 1% increase that was authorized by the Board of Selectmen.
 Things cannot be cut from this budget because he only puts in the amount for what is needed.
 Tom Navaroli requested that Chief Gonyor “walk through” his budget.
 Norm MacNeill stated that he will work with Chief Gonyor.
 Chief Gonyor stated that the Fired Department was awarded $20,819 from Commonwealth, which will be used for equipment (air masks, air packs, etc.)
 Rich Preston questioned building maintenance being in the budget
• The building is brand new with a one year warranty, but anything needed would come out of operating expenses.
• May need to start an appropriation for future building maintenance.
• Ambulance
 Operates on a reserve receipt system.
 Does not run a line item budget, it is an expense budget.
 Needs new equipment (defribulator, stretcher)
• Norm MacNeill stated that the Board should count on seeing changes the next time they see the budget.
• Rich questioned if there is any use for the old Fire Station
 Chief Gonyor stated that the cylinder block side is used for storage for the Police Department rescue boat and equipment, Fire Department’s brush truck, and town equipment.
• Town Buildings
 Patrick Colenero presented a description of the budget.
 Asked for a 1% increase for repair and maintenance, 15% increase for utilities.
 Rich Preston questioned which buildings does this budget entail
• Municipal Center, Post Office/Senior Center, VFW, Library (operating expenses and maintenance expenses comes out of their budget)

8. Appointments – deferred appointment of accountant until Webster Selectmen have met.

9. FY02 Budget Message – postponed

10. Class II Licenses
• Cherrier Auto & Towing and Daniel Shurick applied for renewal licenses
 Both establishments were included in the request for information from the necessary departments.
• Daniel Shurick owes $229 to the Town Collector.
 Ron Forget motioned to approve Daniel Shurick’s Class II License subject to the payment of $229 to the Town Collector, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR
 Ron Forget motioned to approve Cherrier Auto & Towing as presented, seconded by Buff Therrien. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

• The name of the establishment, S&R Repair Services, in the name of Michael Stanick, Jr. and Paul Roberts has been changed to Douglas Equipment Corporation and is only in the name of Michael Stanick, Jr. This was noted on the renewal application, but not changed on the renewed license.
 It was the consensus of the board to get corporate documentation from Michael Stanick, Jr. before approval.

11. Executive Administrator’s Report• Norman MacNeill received a letter from the Town of Sutton formally stating that they were no longer planning to bring Manchaug into Douglas’ sewer plant. The design can proceed to meet the necessary deadlines.

12. New Business• Memo regarding reimbursement for mileage.
 Federal standard was increased to 34.5 cents per mile.
 Ron questioned the budged for mileage – it comes out of individual departments accordingly.
 Norman MacNeill stated that the gasoline increase is enough justification for this change.
 The rate has not changed since December of 1998.
 Rich Preston motioned for the Mileage Reimbursement Policy to read “When any employee, elected official or appointed official uses his/her personal vehicle in performing official duties for the town, he/she will be reimbursed at the current rate of the Federal Standard Mileage Allowance per mile. If the same trip is being made by more than one employee, elected official or appointed official, only one car is to be used,” seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR• Buff Therrien – Buxton Property
 Got quotes for work.
• Approximately $3,650 for screening and $9,500 for lattice.
• This item may be an article for March 14th Meeting.
• He does not feel the trees are on their property and would like the town engineer to survey the area.
• Rich Preston
 Handed out copies of legal guidelines for minutes and executive session.
• Copy and hand out to department heads.
 There will be a public hearing of the Planning Board regarding zoning changes next Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 7:30 PM• Norman MacNeill
 Reminder about BVT plan for a building expansion. Proposal is to go to the March 13th Special Town Meeting. A presentation will be made to the Finance Committee on February 12th. This is an opportunity to learn more about the project.
 Next meeting will be on February 20, 2001.

13. Executive Session• Shirley Mosczynski motioned to go into Executive Session at 9:45PM to discuss contract negotiations and to adjourn immediately after the close of Executive Session, seconded by Ron Forget. ROLE CALL: Rich Preston aye, Tom Navaroli aye, Ed Therrien aye, Ron Forget aye, and Shirley Mosczynski aye.
• Ron Forget motioned to come out of Executive Session at 12 Midnight for the purpose of adjournment, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. ROLL CALL: Ron Forget aye, Tom Navaroli aye, Rich Preston aye, and Shirley Mosczynski aye.

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