BOS - February 27, 2001

BOS - February 27, 2001

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting
February 27, 2001 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Tom Navaroli, Rich Preston, and Ron Forget
Absent: Buff Therrien, Shirley Mosczynski

1. Call to Order at 7:08 PM

2. Gun Control• Taken in a public meeting fashion.
• Mike Yacino presented the reasons for this meeting with the Police Dept.
 Questioned if the Police Department has a written policy, has it ever been presented to the Board of Selectmen regarding gun control and permits. Tom Navaroli stated that no policy was presented to the current Board.
 Most communities are following only state law without additional policy.
 The Colonel of Mass. State Police changed the standards so that any one owning a FID or license to carry issued before 1998 need not have to perform a proficiency test.
 Rich Preston questioned if Worcester requires testing for renewals.
• There are no tests required for renewals but it is required by state statutes for new licenses and a course has to be taken for renewals.
 Mike Yacino distributed ‘fact sheets” that were put together by the association that he is involved with.
 Douglas is asking for residents to take proficiency tests for renewals.
 Chief Foley and Lutenant Gilbert were present to represent the Douglas Police Department.
 Chief Foley stated that a strong chief sets policies and the select board supports them.
 Legal Council has been contacted regarding this issue, and there aren’t any problems with it.
 All pistol permits are issued for lawful purposes.
 Nothing in the law states that it is unlawful for the Chief to make everybody take this proficiency test.
 Ron Forget questioned what the majority of what other communities are doing.
• The majority only uses state law requirements.
 Mike Yacino questioned if a policy was ever presented to the Selectmen.
• It is unknown. It was not presented to the current board.
 Ron Forget questioned if there have been situations in town who have committed a serious crime with a license to carry.
• No, it hasn’t been a problem.
 Rich Preston asked the Chief to walk through a proficiency test.
• The resident gets a certificate from the instructor who issued the test. The applicant must fire at 15, 10, 7 and 3 years. Need 80% of 50 to pass.
 A question was asked from the audience regarding the cost of the course.
• The cost varies depending on who you go through.
 The test varies. It may be required to take a written test as well as actually firing the gun.
 A comment from the audience was made regarding adding additional requirements being a liability issue because the law states that renewals do not have to take this test.
 Lutenant Gilbert stated that Class A - license to carry issues is required to have the proficiency test.
 Mike Yacino handed over recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and Police Chief.
 At the request of the absent board members, the board will take all of the information under advisement and want to meet and discuss this as a full board.
 Mike Yacino questioned if the Board of Selectmen has the authority to change the policy set by the Police Department.
• The Chief stated that he would work with the Board if there were any concerns.

3. Close and Sign 2nd 3/14 Special Town Meeting Warrant
• Finance Committee has made recommendations for the articles.
• Adoption of Capital Plan: Recommended
• Transfer of overlay reserve to Selectmen for land acquisition: no recommendation yet
• Quorum Bylaw: Support leaving this article on the warrant. Recommended
 Jerome Jessaume recommended appointing the members of the Board of Selectmen as interim Finance Committee Members.
Ron Forget moved to have BOS as interim Finance Committee members, seconded by Rich Preston. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR
 Rich Preston, Tom Navaroli, and Ron Forget were sworn in as Finance Committee Members.
 Quorum Bylaw article was stricken from the warrant.
• BVT Building Expansion Approval: No recommendation
 Norm recommends supporting this article.
 Ron Forget questioned if all other towns vote to approve will we have to go along with the project anyway.
• No, but Douglas will be limited regarding enrollment.
 The wording/language of the needs to be corrected.
 Tom Navaroli stated that it is being done differently than any other capital project.
 Pam Holmes asked that the debt be taken outside the limit. There is no funding within the limit.
Rich Preston moved that this article be approved as amended, seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR• Water Main Design: No recommendation (no money amount)
 Norm recommends the support of this article.
• Library Building Expansion: Recommended
• Ambulance Transfer: Recommended
• Legal Services: Recommended
• Assessors request: Recommended
• Assessors request: Recommended
• Interim Executive Administrator: No recommendation (no money amount)
• Economic Development Opportunity Area :
 Land with potential for development but not included on the economic target area.
Rich Preston moved to approve the 12 articles as amended seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

4. Sign the 1st 3/14 Special Town Meeting Warrant

5. Set March 13th Board of Selectmen Workshop

6. Executive Administrator’s Report
• There was no report

7. Executive Session• Rich Preston moved to go into Executive Session at 10:30 PM for the discussion of collective bargaining with the intent to adjourn seconded by Ron Forget. Role Call: Ron Forget aye, Tom Navaroli aye, and Rich Preston aye.

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