BOS - March 20, 2001

BOS - March 20, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Meeting
March 20, 2001 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Shirley Mosczynski, Rich Preston, Buff Therrien, Tom Navaroli, and Ron Forget

1. Call to Order at 7:03 PM

2. Yew Street Pole Petition
• Public Hearing open at 7:04 PM
• Roger Martinsen was present this pole petition.
• There are 2-3 new houses on Yew Street and a second conductor is needed.
• Public Hearing Closed at 7:06 PM
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to accept the Yew Street pole petition for Pole #22, seconded by Buff Therrien. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

3. Personnel Classification & Compensation Study Presentation
• Leslie Navaroli, Chairman of the Personnel Board, presented the compensation study. She went through a diagram that thoroughly explained the study.
 Made a fair market value using exactly the same criteria for all employees.
 This was presented to the employees on February 12, 2001 and was accepted.
• Ron Forget questioned if the step increases included the cost of living adjustments.
 No, that would be on top of the step scales because there are two different compensations.
• Buff Therrien stated that there was only a cost of living increase in the past.
• Rich Preston commended Leslie for her work on this study and the presentation she made.
• Will personnel board put a policy in place to keep this from happening again
 Yes, she has all of the documentation needed.
• Shirley Mosczynski questioned the elected officials being involved in this study and will they be interested in following through with the process.
 Yes
• Tom Navaroli opened to comments from the audience.
 Adelle Reynolds questioned where it goes from here.
• The Board has to give a recommend to the Finance Committee by April 9th.
 Sharon Brotherton stated her concern about making the employees a priority while looking at the budget.
 Tony Gressak questioned if the adjustments will be made in entirety.
 Sharon Brotherton questioned if the elected officials are evaluated, what will be the time line.
• Shirley Mosczynski requested the Personnel Board’s recommendation on this issue
• Shirley Mosczynski stated that it needs to be done now because there are future things that need funding and we won’t be able to do it in a year or two.
• Buff Therrien moved to accept the recommendation of the Personnel board as presented, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

• Bill Cundiff requested the Personnel Board review the Planner/Conservation Agent’s salary. Personnel Board will do this.

4. Salaries of Elected Officials
• Discussed in Previous Item

5. Department Budget Reviews
• Personnel Board – Presented by Leslie Navaroli, Chairperson
 Requested $500 to sponsor periodic meetings to develop better working relationships.
• Board of Health – Presented by Marlene Bacon and Joe Yacino
 Requested a 3% raise for agent and funding for a Jr. Clerk ($9.39 an hour for 14 hours a week).
 Norm MacNeill did not recommend the salary for the Junior Clerk.
• Transfer Station Enterprise Fund – presented by Board of Health
 Total requested - $291,577
 Norm MacNeill stated that the transfer station workers need to be put through the rating process by the Personnel Board.
• Community Development – presented by Bill Cundiff & Steve Zisk
 Requested salary increases, increase in office supplies.
 Request approximately $97,000 increase (mostly for equipment).
 Ron questioned Bill’s feelings on the equipment situation.
• Bill stated he understands that it is a large request (of money) but the equipment is not being used to its full extent that it could be with out all of the equipment.
 Norm MacNeill stated that this kind of increase is too large of a budget growth and it would need to move in small steps over a couple of years. Some of this is in the Tech Budget. Half of salary is with schools total Tech Budget of $61,136.00.
• Planning Board – Norm MacNeill recommended decreasing to $4,800.
• Master Plan Implementation – Rich Preston to go back to Committee.
• ZBA – Personnel increased 10% - Total $5,466.00.
• Economic Development – needs funds for brochures & ads.
• Open Space Committee – requesting $1500.00; recommended at $1000.00.
• Conservation – requesting $4,394.00; recommended $3,260.00.
• Technology – presented by Norman MacNeill for John Ducharme
 Request of $224,000 which reflects our first attempt to inventory needs.
 Rich Preston questioned if we would have someone full time for FY02.
• Highway – Buff Therrien presented this budget
 Requested salary increase, expense increase for uniforms, and utilities increase. Total request is $640,996.
• Board of Selectmen
 Requested salary increase, legal council increase. Total request $246,458.

6. Board of Selectmen Recommendation to Finance Committee
• Setting up a workshop

7. First Right of Refusal - Schmidt
• 71 Acre parcel
• Chapter 61 property
• Much of it is wet land so it is limited to what can be done with the land.
• Shirley Mosczynski noted that the Chapter 61 process is working.
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to not execute the right of first refusal for this land, seconded by Rich Preston. VOTE: ALL IN FAVOR

8. Class II License
• Board signed Douglas Equipment Corporation’s license

9. Approval of Minutes
• Shirley Mosczynski requested to hold on February 20th minutes
• Rich Preston moved to approve the February 27th meeting minutes as amended seconded by Ron Forget. VOTE: 4 IN FAVOR, 1 ABSTAINED DUE TO ABSENCE
• Ron Forget moved to approve February 27th Executive Session meeting minutes as amended without release, seconded by Rich Preston. VOTE: 2 IN FAVOR, 2 ABSTAINED DUE TO ABSENCE
• Ron Forget moved to approve the March 14th Executive Session meeting minutes, seconded by Rich Preston. VOTE: 3 IN FAVOR, 2 ABSTAINED DUE TO ABSENCE

10. Executive Administrator’s Report
• There was no executive administrator’s report

11. New Business
• Rich Preston – memo regarding having a community input program about the status of old town buildings.
 It was the consensus of the board to do this program.
• Buff Therrien – received a note from the Fire Chief asking if he’d plow out the Fire Station.
 Does the budget allow him to hire someone for this?
 How has this been handled in the past?
 Does the highway dept plow other town buildings?
 This is a safety issue.
 There may have to be additional trucks out if this is needed.

12. Executive Session
• Rich Preston moved to go into Executive Session at 9:50 PM to discuss current litigation only to adjourn directly after, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. Roll call: Shirley Mosczynski aye, Rich Preston aye, Tom Navaroli aye, Ron Forget aye, and Ed Therrien aye.

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