BOS - April 17, 2001

BOS - April 17, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2001

1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM. In attendance: Richard Preston, Shirley Mosczynski and Chairman Tom Navaroli. Also in attendance: Norm MacNeill, Jerome Jussaume, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Pam Holmes, Joel Smith and Derek Brown. Also in attendance: Members of Executive Administrator Search Committee: Leslie Navaroli, Chief Foley, Betty Therrian, Dave Nadeau, Bill Pybas and Tony Gressack.

2. Chairman’s Announcements

Kent Vincent passed the Firefighter’s Academy

3. Joint meeting of Executive Administrator Search Committee

The committee was given a copy of the search schedule. Resumes of eleven candidates had been received. It was the consensus of the Board of Selectmen that they were looking for at least three candidates and if the committee was unable to come up with that number they may need to advertise again.

Norm explained the open meeting law exception when interviewing candidates to the committee.

4. Present Recommendations to Finance Committee

Norm MacNeill stated that at the last meeting he had presented and the Board of Selectmen adopted a $15,116,566 budget. He made the committee aware of the following changes:
-- Transfer Station Enterprise Fund $283,851
-- Water/Sewer Enterprise Fund $621,174 plus $5,000 for health insurance
-- This does not effect the total for the Enterprise Fund
-- There is an increase to State Owned Lands of $67,590
-- $102,000 added to the Treasurer’s request for Health Insurance which covers new employees and an increase for the last quarter of the year
-- Revision of the School Budget to a recommendation of $8,438,822 resulting from a change in the choice out number and the Treasurer’s revision of health insurance
-- Changes in salaries recommended by the Personnel Board
-- No longer have any monies to appropriate to the Stabilization Fund
-- Net difference of $8,502
Paula Brouillette questioned the disappearance of the $375,000 excess projected last fall. She suggested starting work on the 2003 budget in September and activating the Financial Team. Pam Holmes, Chairman of the Finance Committee, stated that her committee will meet and review the information.

5. Capital Improvements Committee -- Project Planning Needs

Paula Brouillette, Chairman, came to the board for direction regarding prioritizing two projects tying in with the school project and the water/sewer project.
1. Connector road for schools.
2. Downtown improvements which would coincide with water/sewer projects.
Discussion followed regarding time lines for grant applications, who owns the project, is the connector reimbursable (Mitch Cohen to look into this), and whether we had already funded the road project (Pam Holmes to check on this). Pam Holmes suggested that Mike Creasey from the Corridor Commission be contacted regarding a grant. Tom Navaroli stated that Dr. Fitzpatrick offered the use of staff people to write grants. Bill Cundiff questioned getting companies who write grants. He will make calls to get information. Consensus was to meet again May 22nd.

6. Review Annual Meeting Warrant

Article 14 - 18: Hearing set for May 9th with the Planning Board.
Article 20: Personnel classification
Article 21: Moving funds for Tennis Court to Soccer Field
Article 1: Acceptance of Finance Committee
Article 5: Medicaid requested by School Committee
Article 6: Separate accounts
Article 7: Recurring Business
a) Easements: Ask town meeting to confer authority. May include Article 19 Roads/Sidewalks
f) Contracts - flowing out of grants - gives authority
g) Contracts in excess of three years
Article 8: Acceptance of Economic Development. Presentation of what is to be done in northwest part of town - not company specific
Article 9: Authorize to negotiate and finalize. Not required to go back to town meeting for approval.
Article 10: Zoning Amendment - Landfill Siting - Agreed
Article 11: Public Hearing
Richard Preston volunteered to speak to Articles 10 and 14. It was the consensus of the board to meet on April 27th with the chairs of committees, i.e., Capital Planning, Finance Committee, Assessors, and Conservation to discuss the Rt. 16 project.

7. Acceptance of minutes

Executive session minutes of 3/20/01
Shirley Mosczynski moved to accept as amended. Seconded by Richard Preston. Vote Unanimous.

New Business:
- Grants: Consensus of board was to wait until Angela is back from vacation to discuss this.
- Deadline for applicants for executive secretary. Consensus was to extend until Friday, April 19th.
- Rich Preston brought up the issue of the trees and intersection on West Street. It was the consensus of the board to ask the Tree Warden, Leon Mosczynski, for estimates on the values of the trees.
- Tom Navaroli requested Norm to find out about getting the equipment for the police, fire and highway that was negotiated with Celco.
- Tom Navaroli requested Norm to wait to go before the Capital Improvements Committee to discuss the Economic Project as a meeting is planned for the 27th.
- Shirley Mosczynski asked the status of the police chief and the firearms group. Rich Preston was to follow up on this.
- Tom Navaroli reminded the board that an audit is needed with the change of the tax collector.

8. Adjourn

At 10:10 p.m., Shirley Mosczynski made a motion, seconded by Rich Preston, to adjourn. Vote Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley M. Mosczynski
Suzanne Kane
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