BOS - April 27, 2001

BOS - April 27, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
Friday, April 27, 2001

1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Navaroli at 7:07 p.m.
In attendance: Richard Preston, Shirley Mosczynski, and Norm MacNeill.
Also in attendance were Pam Holmes, Chairman of the Finance Committee; Bob Josey and Tony Gressack from the Water/Sewer Department;Paula Brouillette, Chairman of Capital Implementation Committee; Marylynne Dube, Chairman of Conservation Commission; Kevin Doyle, Chairman, Board of Assessors; Hal Davis, Chairman, Economic Development Commission; Interim Administrator David Owen; and Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer.

2. Review of Rt. 16 Fortune 500 Project

Tom Navaroli gave a review of the project. Hal Davis had been contacted by Mike Mullis, President & CEO of Mullis, Inc. professional location specialists located in Tennessee. He had been looking at sites in Leominster and Lancaster and then came to the Douglas area – North Woods, but was now looking at the south side. The area involved included land owned by Vecchione which was being negotiated for by Paul Cusson for a 40B project and 200+ acres owned by James Sullivan of Arlington, MA. These parcels made up 350 acres and only 100 - 120 acres was needed by the company.
Tom Navaroli informed those in attendance that they had been working with the town of Webster officials and engineering firm for water and sewer hook up. He also informed them that a one million gallon water tank would be needed to service the area. Also working on road improvements and with Mass Electric to service the area.

Strategic Opportunity
Norm MacNeill informed the group that the only other area with a large site is Devens in Ayer, MA with 2,490 acres available. Douglas Woods Industrial Park has a potential 1,225 acres of which 841 acres are already zoned industrial. The town is prepared to re-zone to industrial an additional 384 acres and it has already approved an application to create an Economic Opportunity area to cover the entire Douglas Woods area.

Conceptual Plan for Douglas Woods North
Maps and conceptual plans had been put together by Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer. These showed 841 acres that could be an Industrial Park; a road way from Rt. 16 through land recently purchased by the State (formerly Yacino land); and a 150 acre and/or 100 acre site on the south side for this company.

Re-Zoning Map
A map showing zoning amendments to Rt. 16 -- C, RC-2 and RA to Industrial was presented.

Summary of Proposed ATM Economic Development

Articles with Attachments
Tom Navaroli and Norm MacNeill made the group aware that the warrant for the annual town meeting will close on Tuesday, May 1st, and articles would be considered for this project. Articles with attachments were presented as follows:
Article 8 Acceptance of Economic Development Report
Article 9 Inter-municipal Agreement
Some members of the Board of Selectmen and Water/Sewer Department have met with Webster officials to enter into a 25-year inter-municipal agreement to provide water and sewer services to Douglas Woods for non-residential uses. Webster officials have been cooperative.
Article 10 Zoning Amendment - Landfill Siting
This article would prohibit landfills in certain areas and was requested by Webster Selectmen.
Article 11 Special Act - Economic Development Fund
This seeks state legislative approval to establish a special fund for economic development.
Article 12 Economic Development Industrial Corporation
This allows Selectmen to establish and appoint an EDIC. This would provide special powers to the EDIC, including the purchase, sale and development of land. It would be a tool to deal with private parties.
Article 13 Zoning Amendment - Route 16 – C, RC-2 and RA to Industrial
This would re-zone a number of parcels into an industrial district.
Article 14 Special Act – Road and Utility Easement
This seeks state legislative approval for a 60-foot road and utility easement from Rt. 16 north through state owned land.
Article 15 Amendment of the FY02-07 Capital Improvement Plan
This would amend the Town’s Capital Plan to insert water extensions, water storage tank, sewer extension and roadway improvement projects needed for the industrial park and project. This would not fund projects but would identify them. State and Federal funding would be sought. At least $3,000,000 could be available. This article needs to be referred to Finance Committee and Capital Improvements Committee for review.

Tom Navaroli made the group aware that the infrastructure would cost $4.6 to $5 million and they were looking for grants from the Public Works Department and to Karl Kildahl for monies for the water tank.

Late News
Tom Navaroli made the group aware of late developments. James Sullivan submitted a plan for 22 house lots and a 9-hole golf course on his parcel and Paul Cusson, who was purchasing the Vecchione property for a 40B project agreed not to submit his proposal. Mr. Mullis is trying to work out options.
Bill Cundiff stated that the proposed company would use 100 acres where as a golf course would use all of the acreage.
Hal Davis stated that the funding was not just for one company and if this company goes away we are still in line for $3,000,000 in grants.
In conclusion:
-- Bill Cundiff was commended on putting together the packet.
Statements and questions were:
-- What are our options if the project doesn’t proceed?
-- TIF is not going to be in place.
-- State and company asked not to go public.
-- June 7th we should know more information.
-- How are we going to fund capital projects already in place?
-- Total project $40 million - $10 million non-taxable.
-- Amount of water needed has been decreased to 50,000 gallons.
-- Anyone looked at traffic patterns? 95% through Rt. 395 of the 300 - 400/ per day.
-- What are the incentives for Webster to agree to this?
Company becomes a customer, picks up water users, i.e., potential to extend to Blueberry Hill. They can deny who comes in.
-- If project fails, are we going to proceed with water/sewer? It makes economic sense to continue.
-- Discussion on Article 15: Needs to go before Capital Implementation Committee and then to Finance Committee. Tom Navaroli, Rich Preston and Shirley Mosczynski agreed to take article off the warrant.
-- If the Economic Development Corp. held land, who would pay the taxes? Hal Davis stated it would be municipal.
-- Dates for grants - open enrollment.
-- Article 14: Road and Utility Easement: Senator Moore might support if land were given in return.
-- What is the company asking for and/or willing to give?
-- Pam Holmes requested EDC to discuss TIF with Finance Committee.

Adjournment at 9:15 p.m.
Rich Preston moved to adjourn. Shirley Mosczynski second. Vote Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley M. Mosczynski
Suzanne Kane
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