BOS - May 10, 2001

BOS - May 10, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Special Meeting
Thursday, May 10, 2001
Resource Room


1. Call to Order
2. Reorganization
3. May 14th Annual Town Meeting Motions—Meeting with Moderator
4. Appointment of Secretary—Selectmen’s Office
5. Approval of Bond for New Tax Collector
Upcoming Meetings
• May 15—Regular Meeting
Cable Committee
• Analyze and Discuss Survey Results
• License Renewal Schedule
• Equipment Acquisition
• Listing of Meetings
Acceptance of Deed—Tusino/Davis Street
Buxton Fence
• May 22—Special Meeting—Capital Improvements
Main Street Improvement Plan

Future Business

Hold until Scheduled or Ready
Audit Report
West/Grove Streets Intersection
Working with Town Government Booklet
Street Deed Acce[tances
Directional Signs
Main Street Improvement Goals
Executive Administrator Interviews
Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2001

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Interim Executive Administrator Dave Owen at 7:02PM. In attendance: Shirley Mosczynski, Richard Preston, Tom Navaroli, Ron Forget, and Edward Therrien. Also in attendance: Dave Owen, Christine E.G. Furno, Jerome Jussaume, and Pam Holmes.

2. Reorganization

Ron Forget made a motion, seconded by Edward Therrien, to nominate Tom Navaroli as Chair of the Board of Selectmen. Vote Unanimous.

Edward Therrien made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to nominate Ron Forget as Vice Chair of the Board of Selectmen. Vote Unanimous.

3. May 14th Annual Town Meeting Motions – Meeting with Moderator

Jerome Jussaume, Christine E.G. Furno, and Pam Holmes came before the Board for this item. David Owen stated that Article 14 should reflect that it needs to be a 2/3 vote instead of a simple majority to pass. Jerome Jussaume told the Board he would be breaking with tradition by not reading the articles before the Town.

Article 1&2 will be taken together. Pam Holmes will make the motions and then give a short presentation.
Article 3 – Bob Josey
Article 4 – Board of Health Member or Tom Navaroli
Article 5 – Board of Health
Article 6 – Consent article – Shirley Mosczynski
Article 7 – Recreation (Bobby Saster)
Article 8 – Hal Davis
Article 9 – Ron Forget
Article 10 – Rich Preston
Article 11 – Hal Davis
Article 12 – Tom Navaroli – Will be passed over because the Town voted on this article in 1982.
Article 13 – Tom Navaroli
Dave Owen discussed with the Board a conversation he had with Jim Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan requested a smaller piece of land be rezoned at this time; this will allow him to proceed with his golf course and housing development. Mr. Owen spoke with Town Counsel and since it is within the scope of the original article, the Board can amend the article without a public hearing. Ron Forget stated he would like the Town to vote on the full parcel. Discussion occurred about the value of land. The Board came to consensus to leave the article and motion as is.
Article 14 – Hal Davis
Article 15 – Rich Preston
Article 16 – Rich Preston
Article 17-20 – Petitioners will speak to these items, but if no petitioner does then the Board must move to pass over the article; Jerome Jussaume stated that the Town must take action on every article.
Christine E.G. Furno pointed out that there is probably a technical error in Article 19: the section should be 16 and not 12.
Article 21 – Leslie Navaroli
Shirley Mosczynski stated that there was an error in the Personnel Classification Plan because the Planning/Conservation Agent should be an M-3, not an M-2. This will be amended on the floor.
Article 22 – John Durkin (motion to pass over)

Attorney Lane came before the Board. He is the attorney for the petitioners of the zoning articles. He stated that he suspected his client would pass over articles 18 & 19 because of the Planning Board recommendation not to recommend the article and refer it to committee. Jerome Jussaume requested everything be in writing for the record.

4. Appointment of Administrative Secretary

Dave Owen came before the Board to seek ratification of the appointment of Suzanne Kane as Administrative Secretary. After interviewing candidates, Mr. Owen stated that Ms. Kane is an excellent choice.

Edward Therrien made a motion, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski, to approve the ratification of the appointment of Suzanne Kane as Administrative Secretary to the Board of Selectmen. Vote Unanimous.

Discussion occurred about Selectmen’s involvement in the interviewing process. Ron Forget expressed concern about the lack of involvement of the Board in the interviewing process. Shirley Mosczynski stated that all Board members were notified of the date and time of interviews.

5. Approval of Bond for New Tax Collector

A bond has been prepared and needs to be signed by a representative of the Board for Pam Carter who was elected as Tax Collector.

Shirley Mosczynski made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget to fix the amount of the bond for Pam Carter at $86,000 and to further authorize Tom Navaroli to sign the bond on behalf of the Board. Vote Unanimous.

6. New Business

Rich Preston met with School Committee last night to discuss a proposed town government seminar. The Committee was interested in it and voted to look into holding a seminar or adding local government curriculum.

The Board discussed whether to meet on May 15th or not. Dave Owen told the Board that Al Thornton requested to come before the Board to discuss the fence issue; the Board discussed the history of the issue.

Rich Preston suggested to the Board that they begin to meeting every Tuesday in order to have adequate time to dispense with the business.

Rich Preston made a motion, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski, to have the Board meet every Tuesday through June. Withdrawn. It was agreed upon to meet every Tuesday in May. It was also agreed that all workshops would be one-issue meetings.

The Board discussed the status of the Executive Administrator job description. It was the consensus of the Board to move all agenda items slated for the 15th to the 22nd and make the 15th a one-item workshop to update the Administrator’s job description. The Board discussed the status of the Grove/West Street intersection. Rich Preston has had discussions with the landowner and is researching further alternatives to resolve the issue.

Shirley Mosczynski told the Board that she has received a complaint regarding the blinking light at the corner of 16 and 96. Apparently, trucks are having a hard time seeing the intersection at night. She would like to have Chief Foley take a look at it and make a recommendation. It was the consensus of the Board to have her look further into it since there is no conflict with any Board policy or action.

Dave Owen informed the Board that Chief Don Gonynor has filed an incident report on the recent brushfire. The Chief will come to the workshop on the 15th to present the report to the Selectmen.

The Board discussed the cut-off time for placing agenda items. The Board agreed to have Thursday close of business be the cut-off time, unless there is an emergency.

Shirley Mosczynski asked that minutes for the previous meeting be placed on the current agenda. The Board then discussed the format of the minutes.

7. Adjournment

At 8:55PM, Ron Forget made a motion, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski, to adjourn. Vote Unanimous.

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