BOS - May 15, 2001

BOS - May 15, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Workshop Meeting
Tuesday, May 15, 2001
Resource Room


1. Ridge Trail Forest Fire Report—Fire Chief Don Gonynor
2. Executive Administrator’s Job Description
3. Minutes—May 10, 2001 Reorganizational Meeting
Upcoming Meetings

May 22, 2001—Regular Meeting

Council on Aging Appointment
Cable TV Committee
• Analyze and Discuss Survey Results
• License Renewal Schedule
• Equipment Acquisition
• Listing of Meetings
Thorton/Buxton Driveway and Fence
Capital Improvements—Main Street Improvement Plan
Gymnastics Place—Land Disposition—Discussion
Future Business
Hold until Scheduled or Ready
Audit Report
West/Grove Streets Intersection
Working with Town Government Booklet
Acceptance of Deed—Tusino/Davis Street
Street Deed Acceptances
Directional Signs
Main Street Improvement Goals
Executive Administrator Interviews
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2001

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Interim Executive Administrator Dave Owen at 7:08 PM. In attendance: Shirley Mosczynski, Richard Preston, Chairman Tom Navaroli and Edward Therrien. Ron Forget arrived at 7:11 PM. Also in attendance: Fire Chief Don Gonynor.

2. Ridge Trail Forest Fire Report – Fire Chief Don Gonynor

Chief Gonynor was asked to join the meeting. He discussed the report that he submitted to the board. (Copies attached). Since the report was submitted Chief Gonynor has received a report from the National Guard. They keep track of their drops and after giving the coordinates to Chief Gonynor it was estimated that a total of 1200 acres were burned.

Chief Gonynor has sent out Thank You notes to all District 7 participants and will be doing District 8 as soon as he gets the address list. David Owen will draft a letter of Thank You for the Board of Selectmen to all the Fire Chiefs who helped and copy to the Boards of the Communities that helped. Chief Gonynor is also preparing Certificates for people and local business that donated supplies, which will be presented at a later date.

David Owen pointed out that replacement of the equipment lost during this fire was “above and beyond the Fire Department’s Budget”. It was suggested that a Special Town Meeting be held with an article looking for replacement of the equipment. Wednesday, June 27th was suggested for this meeting. There was discussion as to whether the meeting could be held at the Town Hall or the Middle / High School. Tom Navaroli told Chief Gonynor that it would be less than 30 days to go onto the Warrant. Chief Gonynor mentioned that he can get by with out some of the lost equipment, but he needs the foam and he will not be able to pay the bus transportation when the bill comes in. Tom Navaroli reminded Chief Gonynor that he could go to the Finance Committee and transfer money from the Reserve Fund for this purpose.

Edward Therrien wanted to know if the State would replace any equipment. Chief Gonynor said they would not, but he did send a letter to FEMA. He pointed out that most of the land was not State Forest; it was mostly privately owned land. Ron Forget suggested a letter be sent to Senator Moore requesting reimbursement of lost equipment since Douglas responded to the fire. Chief Gonynor noted that the State has already picked up the bill for the helicopters at a cost of $2,200/hr to operate and all the professional Wild Land Fighters costs. Also each community involved paid their own expenses. Chief Gonynor noted that 99.9% of the time when Douglas State Forest burns; Douglas Fire Department pays for it. Chief Gonynor supports sending a letter to the state. David Owen will draft a letter to the DEM, Peter Webber, Representative Kujawski, and Senator Moore.

Chief Gonynor thanked the Board of Selectmen, Angela Ernenwein, and David Owen for all their help during the fire. He did note that they have a problem with communication. Both Fire and Police personnel cannot call back by cell phone to their department from some areas of town. He asked for the status of Chesebrough’s Cell Tower. Chief Gonynor was told that they are going forward with the tower and that Dave Owen was going to follow up on the agreement.

There was further discussion about the lack of help in the State Forest. Rich Preston suggested that a letter be sent to Peter Webber, DEM, and copy to State Legislators, about getting State Police to help at the State Forest. Edward Therrien and Ron Forget suggested that Paul Kujawski be called. Shirley Mosczynski suggested any correspondence be put in writing. No decision of action was made.

3. Executive Administrator’s Job Description
Taken out of order after New Business

The Board discussed the current Executive Administrator’s job description. During this process they also reviewed job descriptions from other towns. A Douglas job description that was created in 1994 as a result of a grant for the Executive Administrator position was also reviewed.

The Board came to a consensus regarding the content of the revised job description and will record an official vote to finalize the changes at a later meeting.

4. Minutes – May 10, 2001 Reorganization Meeting
Taken out of order after Ridge Trail Forest Fire Report – Fire Chief Don Gonynor

Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the minutes as amended. Seconded by Ron Forget, Vote All in favor.

5. New Business

Shirley Mosczynski made a motion to include David Owen in the interviewing process of candidates for the position of Executive Administrator. Seconded by Ron Forget, Vote All in Favor.

Angela Ernenwein gave Request for Use of Space to the Board and Tom Navaroli signed it.

Tom Navaroli reminded everyone of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Martin Road Playground Saturday, May 19th.

6. Adjourn

At 9:22PM, Rich Preston made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. Vote All in Favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

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