BOS - June 27, 2001 - Interviews

BOS - June 27, 2001 - Interviews

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Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
June 27, 2001
Executive Administrator Interviews

1. Call to order:

Chairman Tom Navaroli called the meeting to order at 6:10 PM. In attendance: Shirley Mosczynski, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, and Edward Therrien.

Citizens in Attendance: Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Angela Ernenwein, Tom Mattson, Police Chief Patrick Foley, Marylynne Dube, and Leslie Navaroli.

Prior to the interviews the Board was given a schedule and resumes for the candidates for Executive Administrator from Angela Ernenwein, dated June 18, 2001 (in agenda). Chairman Tom Navaroli gave the Board members a list of possible questions to ask. (copy in agenda Executive Search Committee Meeting Minutes, dated April 30, 2001 page 3.)

6:10 PM Craig Kleman:
Mr. Kleman is presently working as Municipal Administrator Assistant in the Town of Lyndon and the Village of Lyndonville. About himself he said he has worked with Economic Development, Community Development and different Department heads. He is well organized, detail oriented. He brought in the first Network to Lyndon. Because he works for two Municipalities he works with two Boards. He knows general government and can learn Mass General Law. He is currently working on many projects and tries to be pro-active. He also has experience on joint projects with other communities but is not sure what is involved or required in the Town of Douglas’s school project. He would like to make the move up to Executive Administrator and would like to work for the next 10 years in Douglas. Mr. Kleman and a team have brought into Lyndon 2.5 million of grants for the community and 1 million of grants for housing. Mr. Lyndon stated his role in the community is to pull out diverse talents and then find a way to use them. He stated he is the “Eyes and Ears of the Community”. When asked about Economic Development, Mr. Kleman stated that he does not like NOT getting grants, there are grants out there and you need to work on all possibilities, working on the important things first, but “the tax payers may have to bite the bullet”. Mr. Kleman stated he is a community organizer and is comfortable with public speaking. When asked about the role of open space, he said that he likes open space that it is good for the mental mind set. Mr. Kleman stated that he feels his background would fit in Douglas. He is good at multi tasking and although he has not worked on a school project he has worked on similar projects and worked with a variety of people. He has manager skills.

After Discussion: Some of the comments made by the Board and citizens in attendance – Mr. Kleman is a Jack of all trades, master of none. He is a good communicator. He has no long-term commitment to one place. Not fully satisfied with any of his answers. Has no experience at this level. Likeable and easygoing. Douglas needs more experience, not sure if he has leadership skills. Comes from another state with different laws. After hearing his duties it seems that he is a Secretary to the Board of Selectmen. He has too many unknowns.

7:00 PM David Owen:
David Owen is currently working as the Interim Executive Administrator for the Town of Douglas. He has had 15 years of Municipal Management experience in Massachusetts. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a Masters of Science in Community Development, and is certified and has worked as a Planner. He believes the communication in Douglas is good and thinks there should be meetings of all Committee/Board Chairs. He tries to work with everyone and does not pick sides but keeps lines of communication open. He built a relationship with the school administration office when he first came to Douglas. He can multi task, prioritize using strategic planning, knowing direction and goals, and is pro-active. He sees the need for a Town Accountant and feels the School Department should also have a finance department, possibly a joint department with the Town. Recommended to set up a Grant seeking system beginning with the Community Development Department. Mr. Owen was a grant man for four Counties. Mr. Owen feels his role as an administrator is a “Helpful Facilitator” to the different departments. He thinks Douglas is an interesting community with good character, warm, welcoming, and he has received positive feed back. He is at a stage in his life where he does not need to be the major bread winner but wants to keep involved in local government. If given this position he would like to change the layout of the office and the filing system. He would also like to improve relationships with adjoining communities and stated that he knows some of the Administrators in the area. He would like to establish regional forums or groups and invite members of other Boards to come. He stated he would take guidance from the Board and do what is good for the town. He feels Capital planning is very important. Mr. Owen stated that it has been a pleasure serving Douglas the past two months and he would like to continue.

After Discussion:
He has experience but sometimes could have been more knowledgeable. Not sure about his reasons for wanting to stay in Douglas, sounds like retirement.

8:05 PM Gregory Barnes:
Mr. Barnes is currently an Administrative Assistant in the Town of North Attleborough and he also worked as the Finance / Management Assistant in the Town of Dedham. He has a strong background in Administration and has been “planning for this position”. He likes to communicate and can adapt to different personalities, he listens and accepts feed back. His role with Department Heads and Boards would be one of facilitator, to take their goals and objectives and see that they are reached. He shares information with all. Mr. Barnes stated that he likes to meet with individual Board members on a monthly basis. He stated he has no political agenda. He stated that Economic Development is very important and will do what he can to keep businesses in town. He said he is very business oriented but does not bring direct Economic Development experience to the table but he does bring potential sales experience and the ability to make government more affective. Mr. Barnes is also currently working as the Acting Solid Waste Department Head and is able to handle both jobs without lacking quality in either. Mr. Barnes stated that he has been successful in obtaining every grant he has applied for. He has good written skills, a contributing factor. He stated that his role in the community would be as a team facilitator, an employee to the BOS, and to serve as the Town Cheerleader. He would handle all complaints seriously with a formal “Action Needed Report” that would require a response in 10 days. When asked about Massachusetts General Law, Mr. Barnes stated that he consults MGL all the time and he can comprehend legal documents but will consult Town Counsel for opinions. When asked about Capital Planning, Mr. Barnes stated that he was a member of the Capital Budget Committee and attended State Level Seminars. He has experience in doing projections for departments. Mr. Barnes stated his personal motivations for coming to Douglas are the challenges and responsibilities. He wants to contribute to the community. He enjoys this type of job and also enjoys multi-tasking, he’s a hard worker and will stay late to get the job done.

After discussion:
Very enthusiastic. Communication strained at times. Good academic. Only a couple of years experience at a lower level. Might have a problem over-seeing people. Ambitious. Weak on Economic Development but strong on Capital Planning. Comes from a business oriented community. Strong Financial Background, strong technical background.

9:00 PM Richard Leco:
Mr. Leco is currently working for the Rhode Island Housing Authority as their Executive Director / Non-profit President. Before that he was the Town Administrator for North Attleborough. Mr. Leco stated that he is an activist and has spent much of his career writing, testifying, and reading litigation. He feels his political skills are both his strength and his weakness. He believes in people and public service and makes a full commitment to the job. He gets personally involved. When it comes to managing people he finds out what they have in common, something positive. His ideal tool would be a retreat that everyone would attend and discuss goals, objectives, and policies, which need to be set up. He would deal with the day to day business the same way, see how each job affects or relates to other departments. Mr. Leco fells evaluations should be a positive tool with a 6-month “peek”. Mr. Leco was involved with the mall project in the town of North Attleborough. They developed a convenent deed, which gives back to the schools and public services (fire/police). He has experience working with unions in his work with the Housing Authority and Senior Center. He will always be honest and give his opinion but will also be open to other ideas. When asked why he wanted to come to Douglas, Mr. Leco stated that he has been out of Town Management for 10 years. He feels that he has gone as far as he can in his present position. He feels there are opportunities for growth in Douglas, which need to be handled properly. He wants to help keep Douglas’s small town values and he knows he has the skills. When asked about his knowledge of Mass. General Law, he stated that he is comfortable with MGL. He said that, “it’s not rocket science”, it’s a “people” job and you need compassion, he is here to server people. When asked why he is looking to come back into Town Administration, Mr. Leco stated that he is looking for new challenges, Douglas is in a growth spurt and he feels there are good opportunities. He has the negotiation and marketing skills needed to market a product and work with other communities. He will self educate himself on issues and “needs to see the other side”. Mr. Leco stated that he will aggressively get the job done while smoothing over bumps. He feels Customer Service is important and he would bring that to this office. He stated that if given the position he would become an active participant in Douglas, that Douglas would become his home. His qualifications for grant funding include Housing Grants, Block Grants, and Highway Grants. He was involved in two non-profit programs and raising funds from private sectors along with federal dollars.

After Discussion:
Liked him. Confident, experienced, great help in Economic Development, public service. Good verbal skills. Good academic skills. Good business skills. Comfortable in a group. Liked his approach to his job. Worried about knowledge of Mass Municipal law. Seems too good. Lots of contacts at state and national level. Seems qualified.

The Board decided that David Owen and Richard Leco were the strongest candidates. The Board asked Angela Ernenwein to write a letter to Police Chief Foley authorizing a background check. A tally vote was taken, results as follows: Three members voted for David Owen, 5 members voted for Richard Leco, and Shirley Mosczynski and Tom Navaroli voted for Gregory Barnes. A motion made by Rich Preston to offer the position of Executive Administrator to Richard Leco subject to a positive outcome on the background check. Shirley Mosczynski seconded the motion. All in favor. Chairman Tom Navaroli will contact Mr. Leco tomorrow and ask him to submit his salary requirements and bring them to the Board on Monday July 2, 2001 in executive session. Angela Ernenwein will post the meeting with the Town Clerk. Chairman Tom Navaroli will also sit with David Owen tomorrow and let him know the Boards decision.

Motion made by Edward Therrien to adjourn at 10:40 PM. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

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