BOS - January 4, 2000

BOS - January 4, 2000

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Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes – January 4, 2000

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:08PM. In attendance, Betty Therrien, Rob Guiou, Ron Forget, Tom Navaroli, Mark Bloomfield, and Norman MacNeill. Also in attendance, Chief Foley, media, and many citizens.

2. Public Hearing – Assignment of Option for First Refusal Rights – Wallum Lake Road 61B Property of Gerald T. Dyer (approximatel6y 80 acres as shown on Tax Map 54, Parcel 372)

The Board, Lisa Mosczynski, and the Open Space Committee have explored the potential of the right of the Town to assign first refusal rights to a conservation organization. Lisa is working with one conservation organization to see if they are interested in the land. The Metacomet Land Trust explained who and what they are. They also discussed what their potential actions could be and that they would probably look into limited development of the land in order to pay for the land. If the Board wants to, they are able to put conditions on the assignment of rights so that their needs are met. Further investigation into this is warranted.

Public hearing was closed.

3. Petition on Proposal for a Residential Treatment Program for Juvenile Sex Offenders on the Burrillville Campus at Zambarano Hospital

Mitch Hanner outlined three objectives:
A) They have not been able to review the proposals for this center. Initially it was for 50 offenders and it would be staff secure. They are not sure what it is now. There is no bid proposal available to them.
B) The citizen action group would like the Board to do the following:
i) Enlist the help of appropriate state officials;
ii) Pursue relevant mass statutes for safety;
iii) Send a statement to DCYF of Rhode Island;
iv) Bring a list of questions to DCYF;
v) Report back to the citizens within 30 days as to any progress or with any answers.
A) Will the Selectmen represent the citizens with their concerns?

The Police Chief acknowledged the probable need for more personnel.

Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to adopt a resolution on this 4th day of January 2000 to be delivered to Governor Cellucci, Senator Moore, Representative Kujawski, and all other appropriate officials. Vote unanimous.

Discussion continued regarding this issue regarding the safety of the citizens and how they would be notified if anything changed.

1. EMS Proposal - Executive Administrator and Fire Chief

Chief Donald Gonynor and EMT Coordinator Linda Nadeau spoke about the current situation of the EMS system in Douglas. They are proposing a way to fill the void on ambulances in the daytime. It is estimated to cost $98,800 if Douglas were to handle the EMS service, but $200,000+ if a private company covered Douglas 24 hours.

The Chief is asking for $2,000 that is left over in the budget originally slated for a management study to be used to look further into this. Chief Foley said that the lack of EMS is tying up officers on medical calls and it would be beneficial to the Police Department to have this resolved.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to allow the funding of an EMS service study through the management study. Vote unanimous.

2. Approval of Warrant Articles for the January 19, 2000 Special Town Meeting
• Modular Classrooms
• Land Acquisition
• Growth Management Bylaw Project

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget, to reword question 4 to read “Shall the town…finance [delete] additional classrooms…” Vote Unanimous.

Article 1 will include property descriptions including map and parcel numbers.
Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to approve Article 1 as will be amended. Vote Unanimous.

In Article 2, the phrase “or do or take any action related thereto” needs to be added to the second line.

Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to approve and support Article 2 as amended. Vote Unanimous.

In Article 3, the title will be changed to “ Additional Classrooms”. In the second line, strike out “portable” and put additional in before the classrooms. Also, strike modular.

Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to approve Article 3, pending Town Counsel’s approval, as amended. It was the general consensus by the Board to give Norman MacNeill authority to change Article 3 if directed by Town Counsel Vote Unanimous.

State funding did not come through in regards to Article 4. Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to pass over this article. Rob Guiou, Tom Navaroli, and Ron Forget Aye. Mark Bloomfield Opposed. Motion passes.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to close the warrant. Vote Unanimous.

1. Class II Licenses

The Board reviewed each Class II License and took under consideration recommendations made by the Building Commissioner, Tax Collector, and Police Department.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to renew Class II licenses for:
Cherrier Auto and Towing, Family Convenience Center, Hutnak Construction Company, Timothy Lapan d/b/a T.J. Lapan Co., William Lambert d/b/a Mark’s Auto Sales, and Douglas Auto and Truck Sales (WITHDRAWN). Vote Unanimous.

The Board agreed to review the remaining renewals at their January 18, 2000 meeting to see if the license holders conform to the conditions, pay outstanding taxes, and/or take care of outstanding conservation issues. The Board will visit S&R Repair Service and Jack’s Repair Service to determine if conditions are being met.

2. New Business

• Smith Hill Estates

Rob Guiou excused himself from this discussion. Smith Hill Estates wants to delay an order because of the time of year and mud issues.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget, to allow Smith Hill Estates to hold off on road drainage work until Spring, but the Town will not issue any occupancy permits on any homes built until the drainage is put in. Vote Ron Forget, Mark Bloomfield, and Betty Therrien Aye. Tom Navaroli Abstain.

• Laurel Heights

No action is to be taken at this time due to the file not being located. Passed over until January 18, 2000 Board of Selectmen meeting.

• STM Publication

Ron Forget is representing the Board at meetings to put together the STM Publication. Betty Therrien needs to create a statement from the Board to be put in the STM by next week.

1. Executive Session – Cellco Litigation

At 10:07 PM, Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to adjourn into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing Cellco litigation and not to readjourn into regular session. Vote Unanimous.

Roll Call: Mark Bloomfield aye, Rob Guiou aye, Ron Forget aye, Tom Navaroli aye, and Betty Therrien aye

2. Adjournment

At 11:20 PM, Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou to adjourn executive session and not to readjourn into regular session. Vote Unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted,

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